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Christmas 2017

Posted by oldbird on 10 January 2018.

Christmas was a horrible one this year.  New year even worse.
You see my son who is 22 now, decided to stop smoking weed about 5 days before Christmas, i should have been so pleased but i knew what was coming,  Anger, doubt, weight loss, anxiety but to name a few.
He has probably been using weed since he was about 16 on and off but the real problems started at about aged 19.  Having a girlfriend didnt help as all she seemed to do was wind him up even more.  He finally kicked the habit at 20 and after all of the withdrawl symptoms for about 3 weeks, slowly i got my son back, Eating healthy ish going to the gym and generally looking on the bright side.
Earlier this year i began to have doubts that he was using weed again and when he announced he was going to Amsterdam my fears were recognised.
He came back and then told that he had been using but intended to give up asap.  This didnt happen until just before christmas and since then he has lost about 1 stone in weight but is looking better, with more colour in his cheeks and a bit more positive.
We have all been through hell and back over this festive period and sometimes i have wanted to just drive away and never come back.  This week has been a bit better and hope it improves.  

I laugh to myself when people say its only weed !  I hate this drug and what its done to my son and my family.

I could tell you lots more but i guess most of you already know.

Thank you for reading.


Icarus Trust
24 Jan 2018


Thank you for sharing your story and it is good to read that things are a little better. 
If you would like to talk with people who understand what you are going through please contact The Icarus Trust. We are a charity that supports the family and friends of people with addictive behaviours. Talking to one of our trained and experienced volunteers might help you.
You can contact us on or visit the website
Good luck.

15 Mar 2018

Oh god its like reading my own story! This is exactly my life since my son was 15 hes 22 now. Given up numerous times but keeps going back. Jobless homeless and given comlpletely. I hope and pray both our sons beat this awful drug. Hugs to u 🙂

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