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My boy

Posted by Evonia on 25 September 2017.

My baby boy was delivered by forceps after I had been injected with pethidine several times. He was a hyperactive child and despite my going to our gp and asking for help for him, none was available. My boy started smoking marijuana at the age of 15. I was distraught and went to our gp, only to be told not to worry unless he started injecting drugs. My boy is now 46 and a heroin addict with hiv and hepatitis C. His life has been spent living on the streets and in and out of prison. I am too frightened of him to ever be alone with him again as he beat me badly after my Mothers death. He had taken a cocktail of drugs and slept on her grave in the rain. He then came to see me and god knows what was going through his mind, it took 3 men to pull him off me as he thumped me in the head over and over. I am heart broken over the way his life has turned out. I feel guilty, helpless, sometimes overwhelmed with grief. My only communication with him now is by messenger, a virtual relationship. My life is wonderful, and that makes me feel even worse about his. I wonder if his forceps delivery contributed to the way he has turned out? Maybe his brain was damaged in some way? Can anyone else relate to this please?


11 Oct 2017

Hi, I can really relate to this and would love to be in touch with you x

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