Adfam launches self-funded Adfam@Home

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Adfam launches self-funded Adfam@Home

Adfam@Home is a remote support service for adults affected by a loved one’s drug or alcohol use. Support sessions are offered in the comfort of people’s home and are delivered via Zoom or telephone.

The service offers six sessions of one to one support from a skilled and experienced worker, providing family members the opportunity to explore how their loved one’s drug or alcohol use is affecting them and to receive support on how to make changes.

This service is available free of charge, however following requests from clients offering to pay for their own support, we have also introduced the option of self-funding.

If you are affected by a family member’s substance use and are looking for support, and you are in a position to pay for your support and would like to do so, please click the link below for further information. The cost is £60 for an assessment and first support sessions (two separate appointments), and then £200 for 5 further support sessions (£40 per session).