Recovery Partnership:
 Substance Misuse
Commissioning Bulletin
April 2016
Dear Colleague,

Adfam has worked through 2015 and 2016 in delivering the work of the Recovery Partnership: a programme focused on exploring the issues that exist around recovery, and surveying the health of the treatment sector. This work has included our report Treatment and Recovery: Black and Minority Ethnic Communities (pdf), and our extensive State of the Sector 2015 work built on an online survey and phone interviews which found evidence of a continued trend of reduced funding impacting on the delivery of core services, and lots more.

This bulletin contains information and resources we hope you find useful. Please let us know if you would prefer not to receive these updates from us. We hope to run a series of events for substance misuse commissioners throughout 2016-17 – details will be shared through future bulletins. Please contact us if you have any questions.
Reports and Resources

Commissioning for Recovery – Adfam on behalf of the Recovery Partnership (pdf)
This briefing note follows a meeting held in February this year with substance misuse commissioner: it focused on how integrated or holistic services can be commissioned to facilitate the recovery of those with drug or alcohol issues. Discussion covered issues including lengths of contracts, commissioning for multiple and complex needs, and commissioning models and challenges.

State of the Sector 2015 – The Recovery Partnership
This report provides a third annual snapshot of a sector still in flux and faced by multiple challenges. It has the highest level of support so far: 176 respondents to the main community/residential survey and 43 respondents to the prison survey. A smaller report covering treatment services in prison will follow later this month.
The report finds:
  • A continued trend of reduced funding reported by both community and residential services across the last three years
  • Funding changes reported as having a significant negative impact on the delivery of core services, workforce development and case-loads
  • Dual diagnosis remains a key challenge, with links with mental health services varying
  • Passion, innovation and resilience exist in many services across the country
Get Well Soon: Reimagining place-based health – New Local Government Network and Collaborate
This report examines the case for helping address fundings gaps in health and care by moving toward ‘place-based’ approaches to health, which give focus not to health institutions but instead to places and the people that live within them.

Commissioning Information – Academy for Justice Commissioning
The Academy for Justice Commissioning maintains a list of resources and information to help improve commissioning skills. Recent resources on the list include Clink’s Guide to service user involvement and co-production and Preparing for Adulthood’s guide to Joint Commissioning in Action.

Representation to the Spending Review 2015 – Making Every Adult Matter (pdf)
Making Every Adult Matter, the coalition of Clinks, Homeless Link and Mind, set out this representation to the 2015 spending review, detailing the case for a national focus on the 58,000 people with overlapping problems of homelessness, substance use and contact with the criminal justice system. The document includes information on this cohort, the business case for intervention, and how a national programme can leave room for local flexibility in design and evaluation.

Re-imagining commissioner and provider relations – Change, grow, live
Mike Pattinson, Executive Director for Criminal Justice at Change, grow, live (formerly CRI) blogs about relations between statutory commissioners and the voluntary and community sector (VCS), the role that the VCS can play in Asset Based Community Development.
Sustainability and Transformation Plans: A major new development in commissioning health and care – Regional Voices for Better Health (pdf)
This briefing note explains how new Sustainability and Transformation Plans in 44 areas across England will help join up NHS, Clinical Commissioning Group, Local Authority, Voluntary and Community Sector and other health and care providers, aiming to form the basis for new long-term, place-based commissioning.

Interesting things about alcohol and other drugs, March 2016 – Making Every Adult Matter
Andrew Brown of Making Every Adult Matter presents the latest statistics and information on drugs and alcohol.