Finding support

For those living close to a dependent drug/alcohol user, trying to find help can be frustrating. It often seems that support is geared towards the user, when families struggle through problems too. Adfam believes that families need and deserve support in their own right.

You may also find the following helpful:

  • A local family support service, read about Adfam’s local services here, or search for other local support services on our family support map.
  • An online support group or web chat – find out more here.
  • Sometimes families just want a listening ear, and there are helplines for this. Some local services also operate their own telephone support services.
  • Different people need different services, and no two families are the same. If you have other needs relating to domestic violence or relationship support, if your family member is in prison or if you have been bereaved by drug use, see how other useful organisations can help.
  • Whilst Adfam’s focus is on supporting families in their own right, many people’s first reaction is to try to find help for their loved one. You can look for treatment services on these databases:
  1. Drug services in England: Talk to FRANK
  2. Drug and alcohol services in Northern Ireland: Public Health Agency
  3. Drug services in Scotland: Scottish drug services directory
  4. Alcohol services in Scotland: Alcohol Focus Scotland
  5. Drug and alcohol services in Wales: DAN 24/7
  6. Residential rehabilitation services for drugs and/or alcohol in England and Wales: Rehab Online and in the UK: Drink and Drugs News