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My girlfriend is addicted and I think I’m enabling by

Hi guys, I’m Emily and I’m 25. I’ve been with my girlfriend for over 3 and a half years and have been living with her for 3 years. We found each other through mutual friends, and at the time both had issues with Xanax addiction. Through out these years we have done countless terrible things and experimented with a lot of different drugs. I decided to stop after her first seizure. She had a withdrawal seizure from Xanax while driving. Luckily no one was hurt. Numerous times she has gone to the doctor to get help and therapy and it has been unsuccessful and she quits. She has had three seizures due to withdraw. I’ve noticed now that I have gotten sober from pills that the way she treats me when intoxicated, and her behavior is not who she really is. She becomes ruthless. Says I’m judgmental and that’s all I’ve ever been. I tell her I’m there for her but I can’t stick around if she continues to use Xanax. She turns into a monster and has ruined many relationships with friends. I don’t want to feel stupid for staying with her because I was an addict too and I have been given better resources to reach my recovery. If it weren’t for drugs, our relationship would not involve fighting. It’s all we argue about because she lies about when she’s using. Sometimes she will go months not using Xanax but she will binge other pills such as opiates. She is not a daily user, and I just know the potential we have in our relationship if she would stop using. She tells me she is only 23, and all though we have started our lives together she doesn’t see herself stopping right now. It’s like for her to consider stopping something traumatic has to happen. (Such as a seizure). She doesn’t believe she’s an addict. I don’t want all hope to be lost because aside from our issues involving drug use, we are happy and I don’t want to give up. I just need some advice because I’m so confused how I can love someone this much, but she doesn’t love me enough to get help. I don’t want to keep being an enabler.

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Boyfriend in denial, by

Hi My boyfriend of 2 years has been taking drugs, I’m not sure what he exactly takes, but I have seen him take solphadeine in front of me, his exscuse was his toe hurts, hoe ever he hasn’t taken those in a while but takes other drugs behind my back, I see the signs and patterns of his behaviour, more so after he lost his job and he became stressed and felt worthless, a year on after so mainly arguments and throwing him out he hasn’t admitted he takes any drugs but he admits he has mental issues that need resolving, and his sleeping patterns are due to him not working. ( he stays awake 3 or 4 days then sleeps after to catch up, eating habits low then eats a lot to catch up, motivation for life low too ) what do I do ? Do I touch help with his mental issues which may lead him to stop drugs ? Or is he just saying this to get me off his back ?

by Hgg567

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My parents alcohol addiction is ruining my life by

I just need to talk to someone . I can’t even see my therapist since this covid-19 thing started. So here I am. So my parents started drinking since I was little but it hasn’t gotten this bad since the beginning of 2019. They began to get drunk every night, my mom would yell at me, my sister, and my dog for no reason, while my dad would throw things and shake our dog to death. I’m honestly scared for my sister at this point because I’m going to college soon and she’s gonna be here by herself. They forget to take her places, they make me do everything so they can have an excuse to drink. They drink as early as 11:00 am some days . It’s making me not want to have a relationship with them and to isolate in my room more and more. It makes me sad and angry and I’ve tried talking to them about it . It always ends in I’m wrong and they are right. I just don’t know what to do anymore .

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Cocaine side affect by

Is it just me or does my husband want fiance of 8 years it seems like the cocaine and crack make him more paranoid and think that I'm cheating on him but I don't do anything I literally stay in the house all day with her two-year-old I don't go anywhere I don't do anything I know I brought a couple of other women on here has said that they're in the same situation and I just want to know that I'm not alone like I mean we get into full-blown argument it's like three or four times a week he's accusing me of sleeping with someone or having someone over I have no friends and I do it all because I want to prove to him I'm not cheating on him I have no funding social media I don't do this I don't do that when is enough enough it isn't normal does everybody else have the same problem

Partners lies by

Where do I start, without crying as I type. "I'm going for cigs, won't be a min" famous words of a compulsive liar. Left the house at 6pm, returns at 4.15am In the meantime I'm left to put his kids to bed, which is never easy without two of you I'm not an addict "you'll never understand" and his right I don't....why or how do you put that little white rock before your own kids, partner, before the bills are paid and there is food in the cupboards. More importantly why am I still here, to take the verbal abuse, be put on a guilt trip if we literally have NO money at all. I love the man he used to be, but loathe the addict he has become....as the song says...."should I stay or should I go????"

17 year old son and weed by

Just after some advice or light at the end of the tunnel. He was diagnosed with anxiety and depression around 3 years ago this was around the same time he regularly started using cannabis . He missed the whole of year 11 and only got 3 gcses . Sat them at home. He's had a part-time job for several months really wants to go to college and get a good job but he says it's anxiety holding him back. He lacks motivation says weed helps him but gets angry with me when I don't give him money for it last few weeks we have had really bad argument with my partner squaring up to him which is totally out of character and then yesterday day he has argued with me me which he does frequently and bruised my hand and call me a bad mother alongside a lot of other names and I just snapped and drove him to his dad's 80 miles away. This is hard for me and it is something I have never done and his dad is useless anyway I need help I really don't know so what to do for the best but things can't carry on with him smoking weed being lazy see and not having the confidence in himself that he can do so much better.

Just a bad start to my day " rant" by

So my fiance is eight years we agreed that we would have sex every other day because I need time off he's an addict if he can't have drugs or alcohol than he wants to have sex I'm trying to meet him halfway I'm trying to be acceptable I told him if he wants to have beer he can have three a day it's when he drinks six packs and he's aggressive and all he can think about is sex that it gets to be too much for me I'm trying to meet him in the middle of this because the coronavirus he's stuck in the house when he's not at work and he's already set it makes him miserable the last hour of work because he's dreading coming home to wear that's when he wants to get high or getting drunk which makes me feel like a complete and utter failure when I don't do anything he just can't handle being cooped up he can't handle nothing and he last night he had three beers he said that he would get up with our daughter because I was supposed to be sleeping it was supposed to be my night off he got up with her and we were on the couch before that I told him cuz he said he doesn't sleep good when he gets up with her because he thinks that I'm on my phone I said will take my phone with you I don't need them sleeping or he got up with her and I saw him pick something up and put it in his pocket and I heard something fall on the floor in her room so I thought he had my phone in his pocket I f****** slept all night didn't wake up until I heard his own warm I sit up in bed and I get ready to get up and he gets mad and starts slamming the bathroom door comes downstairs I come downstairs because I wanted to wake up to spend some time with him before we woke our daughter up to go get some food and he's joins back upstairs and it gets physical again because he's mad because he said that I was on my phone all night last night instead of sleeping with her I didn't even touch it I thought he had it and I'm trying to spend time with him and then he got mad because we didn't end up having sex last night was supposed to be my dyed off you can cuddle in bed without having sex and he just went ballistic and called me a dick tease and calling me names many calm down and we went to go to the store we got her daughter some toys to pass the time because she likes to be outside and she can't with this weather and the Coronavirus and then we get home and he has to go to work and he text me when he's at work I'll text you when I'm on my lunch because he sits there and thinks that I have an imaginary boyfriend that comes over and then I'm screwing him 24/7 and I don't do anything to take care of my toddler and it's getting ridiculous that I'm constantly being accused of doing something I'm not and because everything shut down I can't even get a polygraph test just to ease his mind and get him to leave me alone it's annoying and it's painful and it's hurtful and it's frustrating and I try to be understanding I try to be caring I try to do what I can to make this relationship work he got mad because I found this website and he said that I got it just so when we take the polygraph test if it if I have any social media I can say yes because I'm on here talking and it makes up for if I have a secret Instagram or Twitter or Facebook when I don't have any of those I haven't had them since 2014 and then he gets mad because he sent me a message it said delivered then he sent me another message was in 30 seconds and I got them both at the same time like he'll go through my phone and if it doesn't say read when he sends it he starts to freak out if he also goes through my text messages to go through my phone history to make sure that the history of the messages match up with the text messages I love him I want this to work but psychologically I know the chances of this working the way he is are getting Slimmer and Slimmer and Slimmer I can only be understanding for so long and I'm trying for the sake of my daughter for the sake of not wanting to feel like I've been a failure and I'm at the verge of crying I don't know what more I can do

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I feel like I failed by

I don't really know what to do anymore. My daughter has used a wild concoction of drugs for at least the last 4 years. She is now 18. In her lucid moments she will admit she needs help but then won't follow that through. If I make suggestions I am interfering and she believes she can suddenly fix it by herself. Everytime I think she's turned a corner she changes direction again. She has a job, gets paid and blows the paycheck in a night and then ends up running up debts. I know she manipulates me and I hate myself for allowing that to happen. I'm so scared that I will get that call to say she is dead. That I will bury my child. I want to stop it but I know that I can't. If I talk about it to people you can see that look in their eyes, that thought that their child wouldn't do that but maybe that's just me. I'm sorry to pour this out but maybe this is what I need to do to keep me sane so that my son has a mother.

by NannyT

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Xanax by

Has anyone experienced their partner taking Xanax at all? It’s a drug mainly used in America. I believe it’s for anxiety. Basically my partner in the last year he has become addicted to it ....he goes on full on binges and has smashed both our cars up and lots of other damage including Financial damage. He comes off then for a couple of months then binges again. It’s happening more regularly now ... this time it’s been 1 an a half weeks. Just wanted to know if anyone has experienced this and would be happy to talk to me! Thanks

Boyfriend's cocaine addiction. by

Long story short I've know my boyfriend took cocaine before I got with him. I put it down to a social thing and didn't have a problem as everyone does it now. Anyway as time passed it started to become clear he was doing it more than I thought. We had a talk and he agreed he was taking it too much and agreed to cut down. Now I'm 4 month pregnant and he's changed into a completely different person going out all of the time, turning his phone off, ignorning me and getting himself into so much debt. He's admitted he's got a problem and made an appointment for the doctors but he's not doing anything about it it's just getting worse. I've tried everything to get him to open up and cut down but nothing working. I'm so stressed with everything and not enjoying my pregnancy at all because of it. Is there anyone in a similar situation I can talk to or even going through what my boyfriend is so I can get a better understanding.

by Barbzx

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