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Anxiety and Panic Attacks after Codeine Withdrawal by

Hi, I'm new here. I've just completed a medically-supervised detox programme to get off codeine. I was taking huge amounts (up to 30-40 tablets a day) and had been taking them on and off for about ten years. It was only fairly recently that I started taking large amounts - to start with, I only took the prescribed dose from my doctor. I've managed to successfully quit and although the physical withdrawal symptoms were unpleasant, I got through it, with the help of Subutex. However, the mental withdrawal symptoms are nothing short of horrific and don't seem to be going away. Severe depression, severe anxiety, panic attacks, feeling frightened nearly all the time and a feeling of impending doom that I can't seem to control. Is this normal? Has anyone else been in this situation before? I can't help thinking that I felt better when I was on codeine, but I couldn't continue taking such huge amounts of it. I just want to feel better psychologically and I don't know how long these horrible side-effects will last.

Need urgent advice by

Hello l have bn on valium 4 !23 years 160mg a day l was getting, but started detoxing for years,managed 2 get down 2 25mg,l moved home 2 b closer 2 my family.Anyway docs just cut me straight off them n refused 2 prescribe them,my m8 managed to get me some real ones as fakes don't do nuffing. Please someone explain what kind of rattle,lm in4 Please someone advice me,l smoke weed but it doesn't help,. I wld like 2 know if anything 2 kinda help was pain?That's legal 2 buy?. If tried calms but just made my head scorer,please can someone advice me please.CoCoBoNgO

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Turning to Codeine and Diazepam by

Hi, I need some advice. I suffer from OCD and anxiety, sometimes it is pretty bad, I can spend hours doing rituals or seeking reassurance, I’m on Prozac but I’ve yet to see much help, I started 6 weeks ago. The problem is, I’ve started to turn to drugs. I got a script for Diazepam which I’ve started to abuse and I’m already considering ways to buy illegally once it’s gone. I’ve also been taking Codeine phosphate, only 120MG a the moment. I’ve also started taking Marijuana almost everyday. I’m worried because my current mindset is ‘I feel terrible, but it’s okay, I’ll take some tablets/weed later and I’ll be able to relax’. Does anyone have any advice on how to stop this way of thinking? This hasn’t been going on for long, only a few weeks but I’m already starting to think I’m developing a problem.

Struggling to know what's right by

Hi, I'm not too sure how to start this, or know what to say exactly... I've been with my boyfriend for 3 years and hes got alcohol issues. It wasn't so bad at first but over the years it got worse, then better, now worse again. I've always been there for him, celebrating the small steps hes taken and been a shoulder to cry on when hes had bad days. He struggles with sevear depression and anxiety which is made worse drinking every night and smoking weed. He says it's the only release he gets from his head and life. Because of this, he doesn't have a job and gets pennies from benefits so we only rely on my wage which isn't a lot and it's made me go into debt, and makes my own depression worse. We argue like cat and dog, things get said and we both end up upset. This last argument we had was over money (which isn't unusual) and he dragged me out of our bed and I flew on the floor because i told him I'm sick of being in debt because of his drinking. This has made me leave. I'm no saint in all of this, I have an addiction to weed as I refuse to drink but smoke weed daily with him, and hes played on that to get what he wants at night despite me saying to him I dont want this life anymore, i want better for us. I also say nasty things towards him when he snaps at me and tells me it's because of me which is why he still drinks/cant stop drinking. I often feel like he is only with me because of me being in work so he has somewhat of a wage to splash on the booze and knows how to get around me to get me to take out loans, something in which I have stopped doing as my debt has gone out of control. I should also point out that he cant take out loans because his credit history is ruined because of his drinking (and before me, gambling) way before we met. The issue is, when things are good, we are good. We laugh, we joke, we are there for each other and are the perfect couple... But I feel like it's all tainted when it gets to 10pm and he goes out to the shop. I feel so alone in all of this because I cant bring myself to tell anyone about his issues as its upto him who to tell. None of my friends or family know anything about his issues. Last year we had about a week break from each other because of his drinking and arguing and i ended up leaving because i got stuck and tired of everything being blamed on me and being told what i can and cant do with my money. I very rarely see any of my friends anymore because I cant afford to go out and do things. I really dont want to give up on him as I can see a future without alcohol, as he was sober for a while and was on a detox program a year or so ago but ended up giving in to temptation. But since then it's almost as if he tells me what I want to hear and then does the opposite or doesn't try and have nights off. I've spoken to him many times as to how I feel and he says he is trying but it's hard. I get this but its still as if he doesn't try. The only time he doesn't drink now is when we have no money left so he cant go and buy alcohol. I just dont know what to do anymore as I'm scared of what will happen if I leave but I cant keep on living my life the way it is anymore. I've just begun what I hope will be an amazing career for me and I dream of owning a house and car, things I now will only find harder because of the debt I now have. I cant lose this job as well because of him either, but I cant lose him because of when we are good. He goes to a councillor and goes to an alcohol support centre, but a lot of the time he cancels last minute because he cant face going unless I force him to go, this happened this morning which started the argument as I was really annoyed he snapped at me when I was trying to get him up saying hes not going. He went, but when he came back the argument continued and what happened, happened. Any advice or help would be really appreciated as this is the first time I've ever spoken about this to anyone other than my own councillor, who said couldn't really help as it's not me who's suffering with alcohol. Thank you.

by Mnon

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Does cocaine make you more likely to be unfaithful? by

I don’t know if this is a silly question, but me and my husbands relationship has turned toxic, through the damage that his addiction has done. The lying about using, me throwing him out etc. I’ve caught him (usually when coming down) masterbating to porn, he says it’s bevause you just want something to do with your hands coz your up all night, but you can’t usuallly finish because of the coke. (TMI sorry! But he never used to really be into porn before his addiction began, I’ve heard coke makes you horny so I’m just wondering could that be enough to make you cheat if you wasn’t that sort of person sober. He says you still know what you’re doing and that your married etc, but he’s told other women that they are attractive etc which again is out of character but he says it’s more of an attention thing as he feels like crap and thinks it’s only a matter of time before I leave him.

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Not coping with husbands drinking by

Hi all, I feel really silly posting as my problems may seem very little compared to what some are going through but I feel I have nowhere or no-one to talk to. My husband has always been a drinker, we have been married for 9 years, but over recent years its got heavier and I am worried about the effect it is having on both his health and our relationship. He knows he drinks too much but won't get any help and refuses to admit it is a problem he thinks its ok and normal and maybe it is but I am not ok with it. He drinks 4 nights a week, can drink 1 litre of whiskey and 2-3 bottles of wine, this weekend he he has consumed 2 bottles of wine and 1 litre of whiskey in 2 nights, he says he can because he hasn't had a drink all week, I think this is excessive and I really can't be bothered to have another argument with him over it so am avoiding him today. I know I can't get him to stop drinking or reduce the amount, that has to come from him but he won't admit he needs help, I asked him last year to stop drinking for 7 days, he lasted 3 days. He is making me feel really unhappy, unloved and worthless, tells me I nag him too much but its because I care and worry about him but if I am not sure how much longer I can go on living like this, dreading every weekend and holiday because of the way I am made to feel. I have found a local Al-anon meeting which I am planning to attend next week for some support as I don't know what else to do right now. Thanks for reading and well done if you got this far..

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Coke, alcohol and prostitutes... by

Found out a year ago (on my first anniversary) that my husband (who I knew loved alcohol) also used coke socially. But this use went from social to regular while dealing with running a new business, coping with the breakup of his previous marriage and inadvertently viewing a nasty suicide. He is always very open and honest and told me that while high on alcohol and coke his sex drive shoots through the roof and he's also been using prostitutes. He's used them 7 times since we've been married. I forgave him when he told me all this as he is clearly an addict and has a problem (I know, I know... I am an idiot), but I really want the guy I fell in love with back. However, I've finally asked him to move out after he told me about a recent slip up when he brought one into our home for sex while his little kids were asleep upstairs. He's started counselling and I'm giving him space to sort himself out. All his family and friends are supportive of me and are rooting for him to get clean. I don't know how I feel anymore. More and more stuff keeps coming out when I chat to him. Last night he told me he was smoking crack a few weeks ago and fell unconscious for 2 hours... his heart rate slowed right down and his body went cold and his lips were blue when he came round. He said he's surprised he woke up as there was obviously something wrong with the batch he bought. He nearly died! He also said he's smoked heroin in the past too. While I love him to bits, I don't know what to think anymore. I'm not even asking for advice, I just want to know if anyone else has been in this incredibly crappy situation. :-(

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How to stop this crap by

What it is with me is every time I have a drink I feel like I need cocaine. I don’t want to and I hate it. I used bro enjoy it but moan it depresses me. I absolutely hate the drug. It’s so over priced and not worth it. It’s ruined a lot of things for me recently. I really just want some advice on how to get the feeling of wanting a line to go away. How do I go about just going out a for sociable drink without cocaine. I’ve heard from some people that you need to stop drinking for months to get that feeling away but I don’t feel I could do that. I don’t know if there’s groups or something I could go to, to seek help. I just really want to stop