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He had a fit! by

So the effects of heavy daily drinking has taken effect on my husband, yesterday while at work he had a fit, was taken to hospital. They said his kidneys are showing signs of damage. He accepted the help they offered so now will hopefully start talking to the right people which I’ve been begging him to do for months. He is still in hospital not sure when he will be out. Preying this is going to be the incident that stops him drinking for good.

addiction by

So i have almost 6- months with no alcohol, drugs and whatsoever. I'm trying to cut on cigarette, and sugar. Nevertheless, my close people always accuse me of smoking pots. They are almost everyday suspicious and it really makes me wonders if it's all worths it. Like, i always have to fight with them and tell them to stop with the assumptions. It's draining and a major trigger cause my addict brain says * See, you've got no place between sober people, they're never going to believe you,why don't you just give up? =. Anyone else going through this s...? i found help here

by Jamesb

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my journey with a crack addict by

Hi Guys, I found out a few months ago my boyfriend is taking crack (and to me, is an addict in denial). He has pawned stuff to get it... uses weekly... I've been on a STEEP learning curve and think I've done well to be where I am (all things considered). I don't write this for advice, but if anyone sees themselves in what I write, it may help them. I will make it as short as possible and simply give ... my journey. * Found out partner was on crack cocaine. In shock for a few weeks. * I trawled streets, tracked him down to drug flats, roamed the streets late at night, put myself in danger numerous times, confronted drug people.. * I tried anger, threats, demands, emotional blackmail... tears.. guilt... shame... nothing made him stop. * I stopped being angry. I stopped taking it personally. I started detatching myself from it. * I've had constant ups and downs - days I would contact him and beat myself up for being weak. Then I'd be strong for a week or so, and let him do what he wants to do. Then I'd worry he was dead or OD'd somewhere and contact him. It's a cycle. If I didn't contact him, he would contact me. My last low point my birthday. I'd spent £100's on this man. He couldn't even get me a present. When I think of the thousands he's spent on that crap. Eventually when he had a period of sobriety, he gave me a present and card... them lapsed a few days later. * I've confronted one guy who won't leave him alone. It causes a massive argument and I left. When my boyfriend used the evening, he blamed me and called me a 'F***ing C***.' So I am now on the end of his anger and abuse. I walked out (luckily we don't live together). I haven't contacted him since. I don't really know what stage I am at now. I don't even know if I can say we are together. I am a realistic. I expect the worse and he has never let me down so far - with his using and pathetic excuses and apologies. But I feel strong.. stronger every time.. until I hope to get the point where I walk away for good. I see nothing but misery and futility with an addict.. and wonder what others' experiences are. Thanks for reading x

He’s left by

I am absolutely broken today. Over the weekend whilst I was away for the night my husband had a massive relapse and it ended up with him going to his parents house. He has said for a few days but I am so scared he won’t come home. I know it’s the right thing to do for him and he has told his parents everything which he has kept hidden (we have kept hidden from them) for years. I told him I wouldn’t contact him unless he contacted me first. I’ve not heard from him since he left and it’s absolutely killing me. Over time he’s always thrown it in my face that I don’t understand him - that it’s just who he is - that we are different people …. All in relation to his addictions and he’s said it is a defence mechanism but I can’t help but sit here thinking it’s my fault. He has said he loves me and will come back and for the first time he has admitted he’s an alcoholic. Or has he described a functioning alcoholic I have spent all morning crying in bed I don’t know what to do

I need advice on how to help by

Hi, I'm going to try and keep this as short as I can but apologies if I fail. My husband is addicted to cocaine. We have been together for 20 years and took cocaine socially and pretty rarely in the early years. However, it has been a massive problem now for approx 5 years, although there has been times when he's managed to stay away from it for a few months at a time. He knows he has a problem he openly admits this to me. He also desperately wants to stop...but hasn't been able to do so. He wants me to help him but I don't know how really. We have our own business and have plans to buy our own house and upgrade our lives, once the business is in a position to provide this but we are getting nowhere financially and basically working 5 days a weeks with all the stresses of running a business, but we are no better off because of the cocaine. I've been wracking my brains on what I can do to help and thought about sitting together and putting a plan on paper for what our goals are and how soon we could realistically achieve this, if things were to change, so he can better visualise the life he could have and the one he really wants. My worry though is that this could be totally the wrong thing to do and possibly make him worse. I know this alone is not going to solve things and make him better, but if anyone could offer some advice as to whether this would be a positive step (or not) I would be so grateful. Thanks

Found Out My Boyfriend has been taking crack by

Hiya My boyfriend has recently came out of jail at the end of January due to a robbery he did to pay of a large drug debt he mounted up from having a coke problem I was pregnant at the time so I waited for him for the 3 years all he kept saying how sorry he was and how he was gonna change for me and his son so he came out I assumed everything was going good at first and he was working but after a while I noticed he never seemed to have any money ect but he always denied anything and because he was giving clear drug tests at probation I believed him but a few weeks ago he didn't come back from work on the Friday and cause he broke his phone I couldn't get hold of him and I didn't hear anything of him till the following Wednesday morning but people have been telling me hes been on crack for awhile well he had probation on the Wednesday and because he wasn't staying at his licenced address and the way he turned up at his probation obviously looking like he had been on a drugs bender they recalled him back to jail I know im better of without him untill he gets help but I'm honestly gutted and so are my children 😢 he rang me when he first got to the jail nearly 3 weeks ago but nothing since I cant get my head around it all

My alcoholic dad by

Hi everyone, My dad finally went into a and e after a a few weeks of a downward spiral and two seizures. He wouldn't accept help at first and it took a lot of persuasion (4 nurses and a mental health professional) to finally get him to hospital. He's been drinking every single night for the past 30+ years which I found 'normal' but now I look back I know it isn't. I also want to be there emotionally for my mum and sister who have had to put up with this for too long. I'm struggling because I don't know what steps to take next, is it my responsibility to help? Should I put myself first? Does he need to go to a rehab centre in order to give my mum and sister a break? Thanks

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I feel like I failed by

I don't really know what to do anymore. My daughter has used a wild concoction of drugs for at least the last 4 years. She is now 18. In her lucid moments she will admit she needs help but then won't follow that through. If I make suggestions I am interfering and she believes she can suddenly fix it by herself. Everytime I think she's turned a corner she changes direction again. She has a job, gets paid and blows the paycheck in a night and then ends up running up debts. I know she manipulates me and I hate myself for allowing that to happen. I'm so scared that I will get that call to say she is dead. That I will bury my child. I want to stop it but I know that I can't. If I talk about it to people you can see that look in their eyes, that thought that their child wouldn't do that but maybe that's just me. I'm sorry to pour this out but maybe this is what I need to do to keep me sane so that my son has a mother.

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