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My mum's drinking is getting worse by

My mum's been drinking a lot recently, most days of the week she is drunk. She turns into a nasty person when she drinks and today has been the worst. She was very angry today and I'm not sure why, she started trying to argue with me and because I wouldn't argue back she got really violent with me. I can't cope with this anymore, I love her, she's my mum but she's putting me in a really dark place and I don't see a way out. It's just us 2 at home so I have so much pressure to not give up on her, I don't want to lose her.

Meth Psychosis OR Schizophrenia??? by

My mom has never been diagnosed with schizophrenia but her mother had it and so does her sister and one of her brother's. About 5 months ago, my mother started smoking meth. She actually hasn't used in about 1-2 months but something is seriously wrong. She thinks my brother and his wife are flying drones around that are spitting out these bugs and they are getting inside of her and that they are trying to kill her. My brother has woke up 3 different times with my mom standing over him holding either knifes or scissors saying she was going to kill him before he kills her. She also thinks that he has cameras and hearing devices all over the house. One morning he woke up and she had busted out all of the windows in his truck with an ax. She is saying and doing the most craziest and scariest things I've ever seen. I, myself, was a meth user until I found out I was pregnant back in December. After I found out that she had been using, I smoked it with her twice, but she never acted the way that she is now that she is off of it. My brother and I think that the meth use is what triggered the onset of the schizophrenia, but obviously, we're not doctors. We are now considering having her committed to a mental hospital but don't know how to go about it. Any thoughts, comment's, suggestions or advice are more than needed and greatly appreciated.

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Desperate to quit opiates by

Hi, my name is Jo and I’m 35. I am a single parent to a beautiful daughter who is 11 and about to go off to high school and I’m constantly afraid I’m going to leave her, meaning scared that I’m going to die. A bit of background. I’ve have raised my daughter from 7 months until now with no input from her father so we are extremely close. My family live on the other side of London and I’ve only had one yr long relationship when she was a toddler so it’s always been just me and her. She has suffered with anxiety since lock down and offend comes into me crying at night telling me she doesn’t ever want me to leave her coz she loves me so much. It’s so bad that she doesn’t want to grow up because she knows that each year she gets older so am I and it scares her. Obviously I try to reassure her that I’m going to be around for a very very long time all the while feeling guilty about what I am doing. I am such a fraud because I am scared I’m going to leave her because of my addiction. 😢 I’ve suffered with bk pain from around 23 ish. One day I was in so much pain that my dad gave me one of his 30mg co-codamol. As a person I am a huge worrier and had so much anxiety around people but when I took that pill I felt on top of the world and so so relaxed. So I would ask my dad every now and then if I could have one but not jus for pain, now it was for that calm feeling that washes over you. Anyway long story short, I had a long spell of depression after I left my daughter’s father who was abusive and had to move to the other side of London to get away from him. In a refuge, 2hrs away from my family, new people etc. The depression and anxiety was and depression was so bad that I never went out and didn’t mix with the other women and because of this I would torture myself with parental guilt because I wasn’t taking my daughter out. Obviously some days I would force myself but I’d feel like everyone but it’d only be for 20mins. Anyway I went to the docs and got a prescription for 30mg co-codamol x 100. I looked at that box like it was a bar of gold. This helped me feel better and do things I couldn’t before. Anyway I was 25 then and have been taking either co-codamol, nitrogen plus or Tramadol. Tramadol is fairly new, I take them for Fibromyalgia and Arthritis in my bk but also because I’m addicted. I take 5 twice a day at the moment with a 75mg pregablin (not addicted). I get a 100 pk but run out within 2 weeks. When I run out of them I am taking up to a 32 pk a day. I have to take at least 16 tablets in one go to get the desired effect but that’s not really happening any more. I’m trying to keep it at 1 lot of 16 a day but if it is a bad day then it will be twice. I know that I must have done some serious damage to my body by now and am lucky I’m still living at all. I never used to but over the last 6 months I’ve been suffering with horrendous acid reflux and bloated tummy. Obviously 🙄. I don’t want to be this person anymore. When I wake up I have to think about which pharmacy I can go I today. How am I going to pay for them etc. I don’t want to be this selfish to my family. If I die then it will destroy my family and to have them know the reason why…😢. This drug is evil, it takes away pain but leaves you with the worst of problems. I’ve told myself that today is the last day. I need them as I’ve run out of my Tramadol for a week so still need to buy them which makes things 100 times harder. It’s the temptation. I just need to take enough to minimise the withdrawal (which is horrendous!!) but it’s going to be so hard because it’s constantly in my head, ‘go on just one more time, you’ll feel better, it won’t hurt, etc). I just wanted to talk to someone who is in a similar boat and understands so we can support each other on those days. I’m sorry for the book I’ve written. Hope you’ve made it through lol 🙂

Vaping heroin or crack by

I need some help , I think I’ve worked out how my son is using , without me detecting it . He had been vaping for a few weeks now , I’m almost certain he’s vaping heroin and crack indoors. Does anyone know if this is possible . He got up ate breakfast , went to his room , couple of minutes later I went to ask him something and he seemed out of it and sleepy like he’s just had a heroin hit . He had his vape in his hand and it suddenly dawned on me . Any advice or comments very much appreciated

by Annaalt

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Wrote this today by

Playing around on the guitar and this kinda just happend..... I guess it's basically about addiction and how I felt when I got clean the first time but it was too late and even though I was clean, the damage had been done. No one waiting at the finish line You took your time but you did it right. Your medal is you're free. Miss the excitement of the starting line. Tell your self just one more time Found no use of being free. Because you know the process, You've smelled the roses They let you down each time they bloom. There's no pretending It's only Wednesday But Fridays coming round real soon

How to be yourself again when your Partners’s an addict by

Hi, It’s my first post after reading and commenting on so many other peoples posts. My husband is a cocaine addict, I think he uses it most days. I also know he has taken MDMA. We’ve been together over 10 years but it’s only the last couple of years I found out his problem or the extent of it, I knew he had done it at parties but in the week he went back to normal so I thought it was none of my business to worry about. However the last couple of years he had suddenly started getting in to large amounts of debt, there were all different excuses and I found out he owed grands to local dealers. He paid a load off and vowed to change but then I was shocked to find out he had drove one of them round in the dealers car to pay off some of his debt. We have had so many arguments and fall outs over their, he always gets upset and insists he wants to change but that it’s too hard. He refuses to get professional help as he says he will lose his job and also is worried it could affect our children. Does anyone know if this is the case? If he was honest and did the responsible thing of asking for professional help would that then put the kids and his job at risk? Or is that an excuse?I don’t have any experience in this so if anyone could advise who knows would be helpful. The other thing he says he has tried hard to cut down but for me I can’t feel very positive as i don’t think he should be doing it at all and have said I can’t live this way.he says he doesn’t want to be without me and that he’s trying his best. I know it is hard and that addiction is not simple but what can I do? If I don’t go on about it then he sees that as a ticket that he’s getting away with it.

Cocaine Addiction - Help. by

Hi everybody, New to this! But completely lost on what to do. I have been addicted to cocaine for just over a year now. Usually .5 to a g a day (worst spells doing a half Henry in one evening). I feel like I am not myself anymore. I have lost a piece of me this has gotten so much worse during covid where I’ve been consuming so much more during the day, even having it whilst my son is with me (so ashamed of myself). I’ve cut down a little to which is a couple days without it but then followed by days on it again! I don’t even drink with it now just cocaine and nothing else. It’s really effecting my life style and I’m to scared to speak to the ones closest to me for help! I only ever used to do it maybe once every other month when I went out but I can’t shake this daily hold & it’s ruining my life. I still have my job, house etc but I feel like I am pushing away my loved ones and money is becoming a daily stress due to my consumption. I never had an addictive personality and I’ve always managed to be in complete control the times I’ve had it but somewhere this last year or so it’s just spiralled. How can I beat this? How can I get sober and remove the last abysmal year.. I need to do it before it’s to late. Please I need help. 😔

Help with cocaine addiction by

Hi all. So, this is the first time I’ve done something like this but reading peoples comments I feel as if I’m reading my own story. 10 years ago me and my husband used to do a small amount of coke on a weekend. I remember us both thinking ‘wow it’s every weekend we need to stop’. We didn’t. Fast forward and we are parents of three who since lockdown have used probably every other day. Not in the daytime to start. Just an evening when kids in bed and mixed with alcohol. To me, having an alcoholic mum, I felt doing it made me clearer than if I was drunk so I justified my use as an escape but better than being drunk and falling everywhere. Now every other night has even extended. The night doesn’t end. We started not sleeping at all and then just trying to act normal. Just about getting away with it. Then two nights. And most recently we’ve done three. I’m scared in every single way about my control. Both of us are. Doesn’t matter how horrendous we feel afterwards, we do it again. We both plant the seed of thought to each other and we know what we’re doing. I’ve been so scared to reach out to anyone because the assumption is my children aren’t being looked after. Up until now I have been able to hide and seek ok but I also know they are seeing things that don’t make sense. I am scared for them. But we can’t stop. I have tried therapists but I often feel as if they don’t understand at all. Suggest diaries and ‘really trying’. They miss the point. I AM SO ASHAMED. I believe I continue because it’s easier than facing the reality of how crap I am. I want to know if anyone has found a service that really helps. Becaise I see no way out:

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