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I need help, I'm scared. Co-codamol addiction by

Hi, I'm a 23 year old girl who has been taking cocodamol for pain since I was 19, I didn't realise I was dependant on them until I tried to quit. I wake up in the morning and I have to take two Co codamol, I'm taking between 4-5 doses of cocodamol 60/500mg. I'm scared about my liver, I want to stop but I don't know how. I'm finding it all too hard and I know it's going to the death of me as the paracetmol will kill my liver. I have bad mental health problems and I don't know what quitting co codamol will do to me ????

by Red77

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Addiction by

I was an addict 10 years ago and stopped it was hard but I overcome it. I have since remarried and my new husband is an addict any reason to buy cocaine and he scrolling through his phone. I really love him but I just can't get him to stop we moved abroad and all was well then he met up with a guy who continually calls him and my husband just says i am off out. Comes back and puts out lines tells me to take one and after being an addict its so hard to say no. I can see our life falling apart in front of me losing friends missing days out of my life. I want to go back to UK but all my money has now gone he controls all of it what do I do .

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My gifted half brother is trying to destroy himself again. Last time 7 years of heroin because his brother was lost at sea aged only 20 and he never found the body. He tortured himself. This time coke since his beloved mother died of misdiagnosis to cancer then her dogs she left with him passed gradually with age. He has had a life of pain losing everyone close to him at very young ages including his friends. Lost his job last week too through not caring. His gifted mind tortures him perpetually. What a waste of talent. Never seen an orator like him nor a person so gifted despite no education. His dad was clever too but died at 32 when he was 6 months. He is a walking oracle but he is trying to commit slow suicide with buckfast and coke. Couldn't even care about his job. Since my mums last dog died he has gave up. Last thing he cared about. It has torn his heart out. He has gambled away a fortune because he can't take it with him he says and couldn't care. Got himself arrested for the first time on wed for breach of peace where he stays shouting and screaming like a maniac after arguement with GF and smashing the house up. Hates all the world apart from his heroes Hitler, Alexander the Great, Hannibal, Napoleon etc etc (he has many), His football team Celtic, the IRA, the SNP, Nazis and so on. He is extremely well read and travelled and has survived everything life has thrown at him nevermind the excessive self inflicted damage he has done to himself that alone he should have succumbed to. Yet at 41 he has fell off a cliff again hellbent on destroying himself. Somebody help please. He has soooo much to give and learn people. I don't want him ending up like some of his dead music or poetry idols of a broken heart and too much excess..

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Cocaine every time I drink by

Hi all, before I start I would classify myself as a social cocaine user, however I’m at the point where no matter when I drink the first thing I do/want is cocaine (if I’m out three time a week I will take C) - also go on binges where I’ll stay up into the next morning and sometimes even skip work etc. I want to stop however it’s around me all the time, especially with my friends. I suppose the cocaine use isn’t too bad itself it’s more so the inability to stop which really annoys me. This has been a constant habit since university so I would say the past 7-8 years - not sure what the best way to control it/ stop it is? Thanks for reading

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Family by

I am worried about my son. He has recently admitted he is drinking too much. I told him I would support him in any way I could but he needs to speak to GP to get access to proper help. Since then He won’t speak about it and when I asked him if he had contacted doctor he started to shout at me to shut up about it. I know he is still drinking but I don’t know how to deal with it in a way that best helps him. Meanwhile I’m struggling to cope as I’m scared for the future. Could do with some advice. Thanks

by Jennie

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Feeling hopeless by

Hi- I am writing this on Adfam as I feel that I cannot speak openly about my husband's alcohol addiction with friends and family. His closest family are aware of his drinking but I still feel quite alone when dealing with it- I am the one who is living with him daily after all. My husband has been self medicating with alcohol for over 5 years. In recent months he has been drinking 500ml of spirit daily. He seems completely lost and a shadow of who he used to be. He drinks because he is depressed and then his depression deepens when he drinks. He barely sleeps and I can't remember the last time he ate a full meal. He goes to weekly meetings at SMART, has seen the GP on a number of occasions and has a support worker but his drinking only gets worse. The GP just keeps recommending all the groups he already attends. He accepted he has a problem but doesn't/cannot pull himself out of this. I feel that I have done all I can to support my husband and fear now that I will have to leave him. Any thoughts, stories or advice you can share with me would be appreciated.

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Been addicted to cocodamol for 11 years now by

I've been an addict to codeine now for 11years since giving birth to my boy I started taking them because I had a emergency c section and I was in so much pain well anyway i took them i think i was on 8 a day for 2 weeks and that was me i felt my body needed them and just been taking them ever since the dirreahea i can cope with it's the shaking the cold Turkey i cant handle i paste up and down I cant sleep I'm restless but I cant and I dont want to so it no more I feel depressed taking them I get low in myself when I'm on them it's crazy I was taking like 20 a day like seriously what is wrong with me crazy woman I've got to 6 a day 30/500 it used to give me that buzz that happy me I was myself I was happy taking them but I've realised it's not me it's not the life I want to live and since only been on 6 I dont get the dizzy feeling I'm stable standing were as when I was taking them like I was I had dizziness couldn't stand to long I WANT TO BEAT THIS ADDICTION AND I WILL I explained everything to my family including my husband his been so supportive through this he went mad but what husband wouldnt and his been so amazing I cant thank him enough but the main thing is I've come from 20 a day to 6 a day i could take a 100 tablets within 3 days maybe 4 days its bloody crazy i will never be doing that again never i sit and think to myself i have a beautiful boy and an amazing man in my life why do it do i really want this life of taking codeine no not really i dont but i will fight it today is my 3rd day

by Jo61

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