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I'd like some help please. My partner is 30 and has relapsed. She uses opiates but has a fascination with needles. She hasn't used in a couple of months but recently got me to obtain a pain med proscriptions. She misused them greatly. Then obtained another and misused those too. We went to get help for her addiction. She has almost taken and tried to take her life with heroin overdoses. I have seen her high. Its horrible. The needle addiction too is there. We were given naloxone I think its called but I'm nor sure. That stuff comes in a syringe. She even tried to shoot up with that needle and water. I struggle to get it. We are newly marries and I feel so helpless. So far she has been given methadone and this is here second day. I'm finding it hard coping too. I feel hopeless. What should I do?

No time to cry by

I was a binge drinker, left my husband when my boys were 7 and 18 months, my daughter was 4. (She is now a scientist) As usual, I blame myself...my oldest started using when he was 12, I had bought a condo on the beach thinking the ocean and surfing all day would make up for a single mom with a successful job. The more money I made the worse he got. The stories I have about him would curl your hair...I drank to forget the 911 calls or maybe not hear them. My youngest boy was hit by a surf board and suffered sudden onset epilespsy...I would have to take him everywhere in the middle of the night cause I couldn't leave him alone, to hunt for his older brother. I lost cars, my home all my money was slowly being stolen...the worse he got the worse I did. Now he is shooting ice and the younger is hooked on something, I believe heroin or suboxene. When do I stop worrying and blaming my self. My family doesn't talk to me because they blame me. Nothing is stopping the worrying...I don't even drink. If you want more stories of the past 15 years let me know. I have never done an illegal drug in my life, so my ignorance added to their downfall...there was no time to cry because I couldn't support everyone with swollen eyes...

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live I middlesex...I hve a 18 year old whose been living with his dad for the past year and a half....since thrn hes been mixing with the wrong crowd. ..swears alot at me...disrespectful. ..steals...lies..and a couple of days ago spat at me callex me all sorts of choice words a d his father watched and encouraged it. I called the police and they will arrest him this week for harassment. ...I get a gut feeling hes on something. ...help.....I love him so much hes my heartbeat. ....hs hates me...

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Well where do I start, this is all alien to me nod words can't explain how I'm feeling. This should be the happiest time of my life but it's being masked by my drug addict boyfriend.i first met my boyfriend 13 years ago and after a brief encounter we went our separate ways. Then in September 2012 I was standing in my sons school playground, which I never do school runs, and there he was, my heart melted and we spoke exchanged numbers but I didn't thing I would see him again. Then in November I had a phone call out of the blue and it was him, asking me to lunch. I didn't say no and with that I met him and haven't been apart from each other since. I knew he was a user by the third day of seeing him, I ask myself why didn't I run the other way ? I believe people deserve a second chance so hung in there. I then threw my husband out of the family home, and shortly after my partner moved in with me. We have had our hard times due to kids playing up people making up story's etc. but we stayed strong. But the drug use has had many forms over the twelve months from sever dependency, to nothing at all. Then back to dependency and now going along the lines of out of control. I'm paying for this and it's happening to me, but I feel so alone and in the wrong to allow this to happen to me. Any advice would be great as I can't talk to anyone about this and am all alone

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where do i start by

I'm trying to post this for the second time as the website keeps disappearing on me. I'm desperate for some guidance. My 17 year old son is a drug user. He admits freely to cannabis, which he defends vehemently whenever I try to suggest it's harmful. I think he takes other substances - he said he once did "powders" but has given that up. I don't believe him. He lies CONSTANTLY and about everything, to the point where i don't think he even knows the difference anymore. He doesn't go to college, nor to work. He is spending his time with a 46 year old gay man who I don't know. the 46 year old lives in a bedsit, doesn't work, is supposedly on medication for mental health issues and smokes cannabis. My son spends his days and nights there, unless his girlfriend will see him in which case he will come home. His moods are extreme. On the very rare occasion he is happy it is to the extreme and bizarre. He becomes furious and sinister at the drop of a hat. I've tried involving his dad (the marriage broke up 6 years ago) but all he did was tell my son I obviously didn't love him and that he had an older friend when he was younger and to disregard me as I am not supportive. He has lost his temper on many occasions, and is vicious to his sister. He has stolen everything from me over the years but of course, denies it was him. He won't admit he has a problem. He never eats, smokes and drinks energy drinks and if he does eat, it's normally things high in sugar. He makes milk with half a glass of sugar in it. I'm watching things get worse and I don't know what to do. I went to our GP who told me the mental health services won't touch him until he's free of drugs and my son sees no wrong in cannabis. I feel lost and alone and I can't watch my son slowly kill himself and do nothing. please tell me where to start?

I'm ready to give up by

My daughter is hooked on marijuana and pills for six yrs now. I have had to take our her eldest expenses sin 2010, she just started college. My daughter has two other children 13 and 8 yrs of age. These children don't know what it is to live a normal life except for the time they spend with me or their father. I want to take these kids away from her but feel this will just take her to the streets but on the otherhand my grandchildren come first. So confused because she is my only daughter. She doesn't think I know what going on. This hurts so bad.

what do i do ,or where can i go ???????????????????????? by

my son was born so healthy,but me and his dad split after he was jailed,my new husband has always been so giving and loving,yet he has stole thousands of pounds of items, we have been to court so many times,i have drug dealers and gangs at my door , yet i have other children and one with a life disability, please some one help me ,as now i am drugs to help me ,yet he is my son !!!! none of my step kids or my children like him or even speak to him, yet nobody knows the awful evil impact you feel

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Mmy son is on drink and cocain he regularly comes home drunk and dissordally i have done everythink i can to help him last night i called the police my son is 38 he has lived here since hes relation ship broke up 8 years ago wehave my grand sons every 2 weeks 13 and 14 love them to bits i have put him out please tell me if i have done the right thing i have been everywhere to help him but just does same old same old again i am dissabled myself and i cant take it no more all hes money goes on it he has lost hes job i have not git the money to give to him please any help would be apriciated

by fifi65

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Sally by

Needing serious help with our 27 year old son, at this moment he has gone to prison for 6 weeks again as I speak, numb at mo thinking nice breather for myself and husband, probably hit me tomorrow whilst at work, not sure what to do he's smoked cannabis at aged 14 stole lies and yet we still help him out, mad I know, been in abusive relationships and has two children by different women, sounds like Jeremy Kyle programme where's he leading us as his family and do we say enough now, any advise would be helpful as could not go to meetings as I would not be able to cope thanks sally

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