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Standing by someone in recovery by

Hi all.. I’ve never reached out and it’s a bit long winded. My partner had a big drug and alcohol addiction. So much so he hurt me physically in the past. He has faced the consequences and we haven’t been in touch for 6 months. 6 months of hell for us both. We connect in a way that no one can understand. It’s like we are addicted to each other. I no in my heart that we belong to each other it’s hard to explain 3 years in a little box. When we were together we were the only ones in the room.. even after everything I couldn’t imagine anyone else. It’s just him, since the minute we met. Anyway we met up, he has been sober for 90+ days, he’s doing the 12 steps recovery and goes to meetings 4 times a week, meditates prays etc. He’s taking it very seriously. I know in my heart he’s seen the error of his ways and in an ideal life we would be together - obviously slowly. I suppose I’m just after some advice from anyone that’s in this kind of situation. My family and friends will be so disappointed in me but I can’t help the way I feel.

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Hello, I’m new by

My now ex left me over the Xmas period. It was a bad break up as I knew he was using cocaine and we have a baby together. I cut contact with him and allowed him to see the child supervised at my parents. He has recently reached out to me, admitted he has moved onto using heroine. I’m trying my best to help and support him but I know he is using as I type and it’s breaking me. Just to be clear we are not back together and I have made it clear that will not be happening. I seem to be the only person who he will talk to. His family are not very supportive. He is meeting a drugs worker next week.

by lc100

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Codiene phosphate and me by

Hi my name is Tammy, I’ve been addicted to codiene phosphate for over 10 years. I currently use 1200mg a day. I’ve been to doctors and drug support centres. You can rattle or go cold turkey, it’s what I’m doing at the moment. Today I caved because I got an unexpected call from my supplier so I’ve used 20 pills. There is no easy way to stop, if your brave and won’t cave into temptation then tappering is easier on you but takes longer. Cold turkey will take a week day 3 for me is when the diarreha kicks in. I’m mad having gone three days and used. The longest in 10 years is 11 days. Doctors don’t want to be involved and centres don’t really know what to do with you either. In my experience narcotics anonymous are a great help. You need support, get your head in the place where it knows you will be ill. There are people out there who have got clean and stayed clean. I wish you all the best in your journey

by PDF123

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Codeine addiction please help.. by

Hi i am a 30 year old female. I have been addicted to co-codomal for around 3 years. I really need advice and support. My partner has worked out i have an issue with them and told me that he's leaving if i don't stop. Iv tried stopping in the past and found it really hard. I only take the recommended amount and have tried tapering but while i have access to more i always just take more than i have allocated for that day. I don't know if i should just go cold turkey or do it slowing but im over the buzz now its more of something i do just because as i only take a small amount i don't even feel any affect. I really need some advice or even some success stories to motivate me. Thanks in advance x

Alcohol dependant mother in denial by

I am 30 years old and completely at my wits end with my parents, my mother in particular. For as long as I can remember they have been heavy drinkers, functioning alcoholics. Keeping under the radar and managing to get through work etc. However, in the past few years (10 mostly) it has escalated. Luckily I don’t live with them anymore in that toxic environment as I now have my own family but I have always been very concerned for their welfare. They’re now aged between 65-78 and have such a turbulent, toxic, negative relationship. They drink constantly, there is no point in me trying to make contact with them after 3-4pm as I know they will be drunk. When I try to intervene and tell them there is an issue and I want to help, I get screamed at and told to leave, also told that I am the one that caused this (saying I was a terrible daughter since the age of 13 apparently). It all came to a head yesterday when I had to intervene once again after finding out they had been phoning relatives up and saying awful things to upset them. I had taken a video of my mother (who is the one that has the worst drinking problem) and have held this video for some time in case the point arises where I could use it to show her just how bad her problem was as she is completely in denial and thinks I am crazy. So, I attempted to show her the video of her in a drunken stupor and she flew off the handle. Was screaming and shouting at me and my Dad (who has now finally admitted they both need help). She is threatening my Dad with a divorce because she says he doesn’t support her etc and was bringing up things I had done as a teenager saying that it was because of that that we have a bad relationship. I am just at my wits end. I don’t know what to do anymore. Family members can’t help me as they no longer want to be involved, the only Aunt I have that is some what aware of the situation (and who once agreed with me that my mother needed desperate help) now acts like there isn’t a problem?! I am done, I feel like I should walk away now as it isn’t fair on my own husband and child to see me get upset but at the same time, I am terrified to cut them out of my life because I know I’d never forgive myself if anything happened to them. My motto in life is that it is too short and we should all try hard to make amends, but my parents on the other hand, they just seem to thrive and revel in drama and chaos. It follows them wherever they go. I’m so lost and can now feel myself going into a dark place which is horrible. I am incredibly unhappy, all I want is to have a relationship with my parents but until they admit they have a problem I know that can’t happen... is there anyone in a similar situation?

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Opinions please? by

Hi everyone. I’ve had an issue with cocaine since I was 19. Everyone who knows me who never expect me to do it. I’m a 1st class degree holder, cute, a female and well presented. However, this addiction happens to the worst of us. I need some advice. Somehow I just can’t stop doing it if I’ve had a drink. It’s a sort of impulse urge that I can’t control, even though I know in the back of my mind the consequences will be bad. Someone please reply. Advice!? X

Codeine addiction by

Hi, I've been putting this off for so long. But now I am determined to get some help. 2 and a half years ago I had a toothache, with a huge abscess. I have a very bad fear of the dentist. So she refferd me to a sedation clinic to get the work done. However the waiting list was 7 months long. She suggested I take some nurofen plus to help with the pain. Didn't bother telling me about the addiction and how easy it is to become addicted. I started with the recommended dose. How ever the pain was so bad, I was taking it more often the I should. By the time of my dentist appointment 7 month later, I was fully addicted. I was taking around 6-8 a day, 2 and a half years later, I'm taking around 20-24 a day! I had a recent blood test done to check for anemia. I work In a hospital so was able to check my own results and it said the results were compatible with stage 3a ckd (chronic kidney disease) witch I'm most certain is down to the ibuprofen. A doctor at work, who doesn't know about my addiction, looked at the results and said he wasn't worried about them. But I however am. I am sick to death of taking these stupid tablets! I have tried to go cold turkey but couldn't stand the withdrawal! I tried to cut down. But after 20 minutes of the new dose, went straight back to my normal dose! I went to an addiction centre called open road. Had a lovely key worker. But they told me they don't normally deal with codeine addiction. I had 2 sessions with her, we came up with a plan to cut down. The day I was due to go in and see her, my daughter was admitted to hospital. I rung them to reschedule and they said she would ring me back. It's been 6 months and they didn't ring me back! Despite me ringing them 8 different times! I went to my doctors for help. She wasn't interested in the slightest! The way she looked and spoke to me like she was judging me! My family do not care and are not willing to help me! I literally feel alone. I have no one to help me with this. I no longer know what to do. I am so scared for my daughter, if I die from this, she has no one! I am determined to do this for her! Just don't know where to start :( any help would be appreciated PLEASE!!!!

Starting to detox any advice? by

I've been taking large amounts of codeine for years, other counter and also prescription meds such as tramadol and Ixprim. I was on holiday a month ago and forgot my supply, I had a horrendous few days, flu like symptoms, depression, cramps and severs diarrhoea. I arrived home and I've been taking large quantities since. I've tried tapering many times, I've tried cold turkey, I need to stop. What's the best method, cold turkey or tapering?

by Nina30

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