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ssndy62 by

I really hope someone can help me. I found out 6 months ago that my son is using heroin. He has just turned 34. He doesn't live with me as we are miles apart. We talk on the phone a lot. I found out he was on a methadone script but has refused to carry on with the script. Before he started using I know he was on crack cocaine. He tells me he has stopped taking heroin but I don't believe him. A very good friend of my son tells me things. She is really concerned like I am. I have given him money which from today I'm stopping. I'm at my wits end as I've lost a son and daughter within 12 days of each other from suicide (22 and 24 yrs old) 7 years ago which I still haven't been able to talk about. My son hasn't had any help for bearevment either. My son has messaged me on numerous occasions saying he has had enough and wants to end his life. I am terrified he is going to. I feel useless because I cant do anything to help him. I cant have him living with me as I'm on disability benefits also he has contacts where I live. I'm the only one in the family that has anything to do with him. I would appreciate any advice that would help. Thank you


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Help!!!! by

I need help desperately. My husband is an alcoholic. I knew this when I married him but at the time he was sober and said that those days were behind him. Anyway, 2 years ago he had started drinking again and contacted a group for help. He was an HGV driver and only ever drank on his days off and never 24 hours before his shift started. Unbeknown to us she went behind his back and reported him to the DVLA who then launched an investigation into this claim and because he had a history from 8 years ago they revoked his licenses. As you can imagine this really knocked him back. He managed with the help of the GP to get his car license back unfortunately he's been off the road for over a year and his confidence has gone. He's now at rock bottom, drinking 6 litres of strong cider a day!!! He doesn't talk to me unless its to ask for money for a drink. If I say no he keeps on and on at me till I can't take it anymore and give in. Yesterday, I finally broke and have told him he's got to get help or our marriage is over. He has agreed to getting help and for me to come clean to his family how bad things are. I have been looking at rehab for him as I think with the detox and counselling it will be just what he needs. To get NHS rehab we're looking at a 6 month wait !!! To go private its £6k for a month. Has anyone here found or know of a charity that will be able to help. Sorry for the long winded and probably not very sensible post but I am desperate, I want my husband back.


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Solpoldeine max has taken over my life by

Hi all, I’m a 36 year old mum of three and 7 years ago had bad toothache. My grandad gave me some of his solpadol 500mg and I love the warm fuzzy feeling it gave me, ever since then I have used sopaldeine max to make me feel happy. I decided enough was enough and stopped using last Friday, the withdrawal is horrible, last night was the worse, I couldn’t sleep and the sweats were unbearable. I just want to free from this devil but I’m scared I’m not going to be able to resist the urge. I tried detoxing many times but always end up going back after two weeks telling myself “I’m not addicted, I’m in control” Please help!

by Kit28

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Another codeine addict by

Feels so strange typing codeine addict and I think im ready to finally accept that title. I have been in recovery from alcoholism for nearly ten years but thought my codeine addiction was manageable as I can function so well (or can i?) I can function better than when i was drinking anyway. I go to Aa three nights a week and live a spiritual life, i try to work my 12 step program but cant kick my codeine addiction. I dont know what im doing wrong? I just cant stop but my body is screaming out to me that I will die from this and lose my kids if i dont stop. Please help, i keep praying but its not working

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Prescription opioid drug addiction by

I am new to this website and forum. We have so many questions as we are in what is to us a totally alien and worrying situation, but it's a situation that I can see is familiar to people posting with such sympathy and humanity on here. Briefly, our son has been on opioids from the GP for several years and he does acknowledge that he's addicted. He is incredibly angry and blames the original GP who put him on this drug. He has a young family whom we see often, although they don't live near us. He has just had a year with basically no work after attempting to be self-employed, and with bits of financial support from both sets of parents he was trying to follow a drug reduction programme (with a different GP) but with only limited success. However because the family was suffering a severe shortage of money he has now accepted quite a well-paid job and is pleased with his situation in many ways-- he certainly seems less depressed now he's not stuck at home and has a bit of money in his pocket. BUT he presented this as "we" (his wife and the wider family) were forcing him to go back to work against his will, so he can't now continue the reduction programme. He told us a while back that the GP had said he wouldn't be able to do the reduction programme and hold down a job. This goes round and round in my head. It seems such an unhelpful thing to have said... but perhaps it's true? So my big, first question on this forum is this: I do realise that reducing is incredibly hard, but can anyone tell me whether it is possible to work and reduce drug dependency at the same time, or is he indeed in an either/or situation? I don't know what to believe.

Going round in circles! by

My other half is an alcoholic. Every night after work he opens a can as soon as he gets home and can drink between 5 and 10 cans a night. We have 3 kids and it’s affecting our whole life. He’s never been violent or anything but spends every night drinking downstairs and falls asleep on the sofa while I’m up with our youngest every night since she’s been born. It’s affecting his job, he’s having time off more often. He’s leaving things on like an electric fire! Doors unlocked etc. I can’t wake him up in the mornings for work and to take our eldest to school. He can’t be bothered to go anywhere on a weekend just wants to stay at home all the time, which is miserable for us all. I want to end things really but don’t want to ruin our family and make the kids lives more unhappy. ????

Lies by

Hi. I'm pretty new to this so apologies if I sound a bit silly. History.. myself and my partner had a very exciting start, socialising drinking. I guess looking back I was silly to thibk he was caughte up in the fun of dating and actually I was dating an alcoholic. After a few months I suggested alcohol free days when we met as it struck me he still drank when I didn't. Over the last 2 years it's been intimitant with alcohol and any agreement we have come to ( he has just probably been agreeing) has lapsed. I've definitely seen massive I improvements, from 10 plus pints a night to maybe one alcohol free day a week, 2/ 3 with maybe 2-4 pints and the rest might be around 10. My concern is when he drinks less or none he is almost ' in a mood' like I'm the party pooper. Another concern is that he has taken cocaine. I told him on occasion I'm not sure I have a problem but bought it up with him once I found him doing it on a week night when it was just us at home. He said he thought I didn't have a problem, but seeing as it upset me he wouldn't do it again. Since then I know he has done it 3 more times ( in 6 weeks). I've confronted him each time. Each time the same thing.... Saying it's not a problem, it's just a line. I'm certain he does it once a week that I know of and sneaks off to do it. It's like he can restrain himself for a few days Infront of me and then 'needs' blow out.im trying to support him bit feel like I'm in some sort of parent role. I'm trying to keep boundaries, but feel I'm just being a nag. Any advice? Thank you

by Hox

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