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Husband is alcoholic

Hi, my husband has been an alcoholic over the last 9 years, he is seeking help, but it is finally taking its toll on myself and two teenage children. I am afraid that the lies about the empty bottles of vodka, and constant inability to realise what he is doing to himself and us, has just about pushed me to the edge, I unfortunately have suffered from some mental health issues, and still working on keeping my head above water. He doesn’t appear to care that he is splitting the family up, I just can’t get through to him! - whether I shout or just chat with him about it, tonight has been the final straw, after lying about a bottle he had denied buying, he now has one more chance or will have to move out. Am I being too harsh? - I am trying to protect myself and the children.

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No your not being harsh at all, I really feel for you i was with a alcoholic for many years and i used to find empty bottles hidden in all kinds of places, family get togethers were horrendous id worry for days leading up to them, im away from it now I just couldn't compete no more i was always 2nd , you need to think what us best for YOU and your children, I really wish you the best xxx

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How did you cope/deal with it? If I try and get involved and help him it doesn’t work, but also I can’t sit and see him destroy everything. Was your husband/partner getting help? It is wearing me down, but I still want to protect him, and feel as if I have failed him. X

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Hi. I am too in a very similar situation. My partner is an alchloic and has hit rock bottom. He has started to get help but unfortunately the wait has been long. I have been looking for support for myself as he seems to be able to get the support but I can't. I am keep together the family as well as working and doing all normal life things as well as trying to support him although this is hard as I'm not sure what to do to help. He is very down angry and aggiatated and I just feel like I am hitting rock bottom. I am trying to stay strong and keep everything together for everyone but have no support myself. I have family and friends but because they havnt been through it they don't really know what I'm going through. I feel very alone.

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https://www.al-anonuk.org.uk It helps to attend a local family meeting at alanon. You eill find you are not alone.

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