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Chewing gum

Hi - my 16 year old son has gone off the rails. We’ve had some success getting him back to earth but he’s up all hours of the night and when challenged he looks like he’s chewing gum (and has millions of packets of it everywhere) but he looks like he’s chewing when he’s not. Any ideas? Dry mouth - he’s not smoking as i’d smell it in his room but he’s on something. Just don’t know what.

replying to Theythinkimstupid

Hi- could possibly be cocaine however I’m not one to say for definite as I’m only going by what I noticed with my other half.. any other signs that he is on something?

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My friends son did this and he was using Mdma.... I don't know much about the drug but worth a read x

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I was told by a friend it’s mdma not sure how it works etc but they look like they are gurning . Good luck I’m feeling your pain x

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