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Mental health, drugs n gambling. Don’t know what to do

I just joined today to off load somewhere. I do not know what to say myself just that addiction is a horrible thing. Sitting here writing this now hearing my son snorting ketamine in his room. The anger and hurt that I feel right now is soul destroying. He works so hard yet is in debt up to his eyeballs. Unfortunately they do not see the suffering that they put the family through. They become selfish and the drugs and the gambling is all that matters to them. They lie and they don’t care that they are destroying themselves. I wish there was a solution. It’s sad My other children have mentally detached themselves away from my two sons. Which in a way is good at least they are not suffering like I am. I feel so alone as do many people on here that have written their stories. Hope you find some help out there. I have written more on other people’s posts and then realised I needed to start a new post. Have so much to write but mentally drained. I found some comfort on reading other posts as there is always someone worse off than yourself. I get so angry and abusive at them both then after I feel guilty. Surely this is no way to live waking up to this stress every day. I am always the one having to pick up the pieces when they are down. They are draining me. One of them lives alone now but is still battling with drugs and gambling and depression. Thing is they both do not think they have an addiction! Really. I would like to chat to people in the same predicament as myself. Thanks for listening

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