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Hi, I’m looking for advice for my 26 yr old son. He’s been addicted to cannabis for years and has struggled to quit many times. Each time he quits he goes through mind problems and has cut off all his family. He is going through a really bad episode just now n I think he might have phycosis. He has now cut me off so has no-one and I’m really scared for him. I’ve tried to get him to a dr but he won’t go believing I am evil amongst other things. I don’t know what to do or who to turn to. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks

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Oh Wendy, I’m so sorry to hear this. My son went through a similar thing a year ago and I ended up calling the mental health crisis team. I had to find my son though and keep him under house arrest until they came, which I appreciate is a nightmare! The crisis team don’t want to know usually if there’s drugs involved but if you say that he’s clean they should help. From there we had GP support then he agreed to go to rehab. Worth a try?

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Thanks for replying Paula, he won’t even see me now and he won’t go to Drs. I’ve spoke to my own dr and she said he has to start the process himself which I can’t see happening. He’s only bn off weed a week (been here countless times through the years) his mindset is just getting worse and I don’t see an end to it. Its so hard seeing ur son going through this and it breaks my heart to think his mind is controlling him in such a horrific way xx

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Hi. I’m going through this to , my daughter is addicted to codine . She has lost her home & now her son . She has completely shut me out , I’m trying everything I can to help her but she’s in denial & blames everyone else . I’m devastated & I fear for her life she’s still my little girl underneath. X

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Hi Sarah, it’s so heartbreaking I know. Absolutely despise drugs and all the harm they can do. I fear for my son too as u fear for ur daughter and just feel so helpless. I’m not scared of my son but I am of his mind and just don’t know what his mind is capable of as he’s threatened me many times but I try to look past his threats and remind myself that it’s not him. I’ve had other advice and they’re all saying we need to take a step back coz they need to ask for help themselves. I feel ur pain x

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