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Heartbroken twin to drugs

Hi everyone

I’m new to this but want to share my story because I like many feel like I’m suffering alone. So my twin sister is a long term heroin user. It started when we left school she got into the wrong crowd and found a bf who was using. Throughout school we were quite close but I noticed her starting to be distant. I think she started using when she was about 18 and now 10 years on here we are again. When I think back to first time I remember all the lies, the pain she put my mum through, I remember having to leave work to go drag her out of drug houses, always worrying about her and about how my mum was feeling. She used to steal from me and other family members as well. Was a sad time for all. Anyway this went on for a couple of years and she fell pregnant. She was on methadone whilst pregnant but not using and we thought this would be the making of her. I believe In the first 3 years of my nephews life she was clean but in the last two years I found she is using again. I used to hear rumours and I’d go check up and make sure everything ok and course get fed lots of lies and I would believe them. Even though when I look back is was so obvious. My sister has had lots of money out of me over the years for various reasons but was clearing for using. And little did I know she was also receiving money from various others including my mum as we all told lie after lie. No electric, late benefits again etc. So now she using again I was so shocked and really felt this is it for her. Never did I think she would turn to drugs when she has a young son after what it did to her before. So now I’ve taken in my nephew. Trying to get housed and I’m going to bring him up. My sister has now given up on him, so yes she might say she loves him to me misses him etc but deep down I know she isn’t coming back from this. I’m trying to stop my 5 year old nephew going into care. I’m so pleased he has me. That poor boy has a drug addict mum and a dad in prison for all sorts. Me and my sister had a brilliant child hood. I really don’t understand her reasoning for taking this drug to begin with. It’s ruined a lot of her life and will continue to do so. I miss my sister. The girl she once was. She was my best friend and it’s like she’s been taken away and replaced by someone I don’t know. But right now the most inportant thing is my nephew. I have to put him first even though I love my sister dearly. I hope one day she will turn her life around. But if you can’t do it for yOur son can you do it at all? Feeling doubtful...

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Hi, you are amazing and your nephew is lucky he has you. I am so sorry you have this pain and heartache. We were a lovely normal family doing perfectly happy normal things until we found out our youngest son had a cocaine addiction four months ago. We are so sad and utterly devastated. My heart is broken and I dread this pain lasting as long as yours has. I hope she comes back to you all one day xx

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