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My brother is ex addict

My older brother is an an ex addict well I hope he is he as already been to prison for drugs and was on tag, he as 2 kids one of which he missed so many milestones for because of prison. He has done it again he as made me cry again and I very doubt it will be the last, my mother is always going him money most of the time behind my dads back because he doesn’t approve, I have just overheard a phone call where my mum said she gave him her Christmas spending money so now she doesn’t have much and she has 4 grandkids, 5 kids and other family members to buy presents for and I just feel so guilty because I’m asking for presents that are expensive like a record player and records and I don’t even know I feel like that because it’s his fault not mine.

I’m not really on here asking for help I just wanted to share my story to try and make me feel better and it did.

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Thank you for posting and I'm glad that it has made you feel better.

If you would like to talk with someone who would understand how you feel, please contact The Icarus Trust. We are a charity that offers a free service to people like you who are having to cope with a family member's addiction. You could talk with one of our trained people if you think that would be useful.

You can contact us on help@icarustrust.org or visit the website www.icarustrust.org

I hope that you are able to make sense of how you are feeling.

All the best.

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