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Am I the one over reacting?

Hi all. I need to know if I am over reacting to a drug situation. A relative regularly smokes weed and occasionally does coke.His mum doesn’t worry about it, in fact when he gets home from work after a hard day has been heard to encourage him to have a joint to relax.She disputes he does coke saying it was a one off in the past but it isn’t.He was sniffing it off her dining table when she was away visiting relatives.They are coming round for Xmas, if he smells of weed when he arrived st my door he’s not coming in and if I find he has smoked it anywhere on my property, he can go home. I don’t want the stuff near me or more importantly my grandkids. When he has his son at weekends he smokes it nearby to him and drives sometimes after smoking. The whole situation is disgusting, he needs help as I see a change in his mood but his mum is in denial ‘My little boy’. Am I over-reacting by setting rules that might cause trouble at Christmas and am I just the snob I’m accused of being for thinking it’s fundamentally wrong? He needs help as I fear it could spiral.

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If you want me to be perfectly honest with you any drug taking isnt healthy. It is better to over react then to not. If its used to supress feelings or does it daily then i think its an issue.

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Thanks for posting.

I'm sure you are right to feel the way you do and obviously your relative does need some help. Also it sounds like you are a bit on your own and with how you feel and might like some support for yourself.

I work for a charity called The Icarus Trust. We offer help to people like you who have to deal with the impact of a family member's addiction. That is very hard and talking to one of our experienced trained people who would understand what you are going through, might be useful to you.

You can contact us on help@icarustrust.org or visit the website www.icarustrust.org

Good luck.

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