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My son is in denial,I am new to this, just need to talk to someone.

Hi, We found out in March 18 that my 37 yr old son had been using cocaine ‘recreactionally’ for 20 yrs..However his partner of 3 years said their relationship was suffering badly.After a successful career and buying his own home now 12 months on, his relationship is over, she left at 7 months pregnant with their first child she being 39....and as of 1Jan19 he will be unable to pay his mortgage and after a disastrous spell of working from home has no work.

All his family are devastated and we have and are arguing over ‘what to do about him’. He keeps saying he is fine and I believe he thinks he has it all under control but obviously NOT.

The pattern seems 7-10 days no use then use again, symptoms of runny nose nostril soreness and looking like he has a cold and acute tiredness after using.He does not appear anxious or depressed.Is this a pattern? What next for him? So worried I cannot sleep and just to ease my pain I took a very large dose of tramadol this week when I could not get in touch with him.My family were angry with me for that.Nobody seems to understand..

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Ive been going through the same.. i tend to get it after alcohol is this what he does?

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Hi Marg,

I'm so sorry to read your post and hear how badly your son's cocaine use is affecting you and your family. This is such a hard thing to you to deal with, especially as you feel other people don't understand, so you might want to contact us at The Icarus Trust. We are a charity that supports people going through what you are, dealing with a family member's addiction.

If you contact us you could be assigned to one of our trained experienced people who you could talk through things with. Maybe talking with someone who understands would help you, and they would also be able to tell you what other help is available.

You can contact us on help@icarustrust.org or visit the website www.icarustrust.org

Good luck with everything.

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I understand. My husband doesn't realise he has a problem. Four days off three on the cocaine and alcohol.

He has a constant runny and sore nose, saying he has a cold or flu. He also says he's tired but like your son he isn't depressed or anxious. He is suffering from stress.

I am heart broken and also so angry with him for ruining our lives. I haven't slept properly for six months. At the beginning all sorts of things were going through my mind like ending it all as I couldn't face what he was doing. I also thought of taking all of my anti depressants so I fully understand your pain. I also realise now that I cannot make him stop but I have to be here if he ever needs me.

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