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Cocaine Abuse - need a someone to chat with

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I don't wanna lose the most amazing person in my life

Anyone that fancies a chat ;)

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My daughter is attractive, quick witted and popular but is sliding into drug abuse. Takes little sachets (1inch square) of ketamin and cocaine. Used up all the Xmas money we gave her for presents etc on this drug. Also smokes marijuana. Her final year at school looks like it'll bomb. As a result she is suicidal

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Dont give up on her. Give her the help she needs. It makes you so suicidal coke. Im going through the same. But this is it for me now. Im not having it again. I have too much to lose. There is a lot of help out there. But your daughter needs to want to quit. But be there for her.

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It's especially hard for her mother to accept. She's much closer to her and it'll wrip her heart out to not show her love and willingness to help, but I feel what my daughter now needs is strong hard willed determination, firstly from us that we're not going to believe her lies and coldly refuse financial help.

Thanks for your advice.

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I wouldnt believe the lies and give her money to. She could do a prevention plan to avoid coke.. its stuff like avoid things that trigger it.. friends.. alchohol.. arguments. Driving places were she has picked coke up .. theres a lot more i have learned.just ask if you need help

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Avoiding things that trigger it: friends, alcohol etc, these are the things she needs now: company and highs. The future to her is frightening. She fears exams, university at even though she talks wistfully about going. Getting her back to school in a few days looks unlikely . We've said she needs to concentrate on getting mentally well first, and ignore talk of university etc but she can't reconcile this.

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Company is what she does need but not highs lol what comes with highs is really big lows.

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Danman83 - have you ever took things like amitriptaline to come down with? I found that once and he said his mate told him it’s just a sleeping tablet .... well it’s really not it’s pretty serious. Just curious to know if you’ve heard of people doing coke then having to take things to make you come down

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The doctor has just gave me amitriptaline for a trapped nerve in my back and arm.. its an anti depressent.. nerve pain relief and helps you sleep.. people on coke will be taking it to help them sleep after there come down because when the cokes wearing off u feel really down and suicidal sometimes. And when you have a sleep you dont feel too bad. So it will be to get them sleep and not go on a downer after the coke wears off.. ill tell u how it works... imagine a scale of 1 to 10.. 10 u feel amazing.. 1 you feel down.. say you have a jammie doger biscuit u feel excited.. your brain releases endomorphins.. and u hit say 6 on the scale.. if you are going out fri night.. your excited again.. brain releases endos again and u hit say 6. . .. now.. u have coke you hit well over 10! Feel awsome and your using all your endomorphins the brain produces.. but when the coke wears off. U stop producing the endo morphins.. and you go to below 1.. which is were the downer comes from and people have commited suicide from this.. endomorphins is the chemical in your brain that makes you happy and sad.

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Hes taking it because he knows he feels shit the next day and needs sleep.its a vicious circle. Ive been the same.. but when you have coke and beer..it produces another drug in your body..i cant remem what its called.. but that mixed with sleeping tabs or anti depress.. wont be good. And ive been there and done that.. ive not had it now for a week. Ive been locking my phone away and been on forums talking to people so its helping me alot. Next time u get a bf dont get one that has coke lol

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