: Drugs, alcohol and mental health

Discuss the twin challenges of mental health and substance use

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My son is addicted to crack cocaine. Its like hes had a brain transplant and has taken on a new personality.

Our lives are in turmoil

The worst thing is to know that we cant fix his problem. Standing by and watching him slowly implode is very pain full.

I share all my worries and concerns with my husband and sisters. This helps alot.

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I don't want to lose the most important person in my life. But I feel I have. He has no interest in me even though before we couldn't be apart. He says that he feels like a different person and he is. The person I love is no longer there.

He used to drink alcohol occasionally with his cocaine taking friends. Each to his own we used to say regarding the drug use. He used to say that he had a line occasionally when out to join in and that it didn't do anything for him. But after a stressful time involving a looming court case he has been drinking more regularly, with these friends. Three times a week, he stays out all night, coming home reeking of booze but not looking hungover, sleeping a couple of hours and then throwing up all day. I now know he is now doing coke himself.

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My husband is the same. He has a totally different personality. A loving, family man has now turned into a....... " I'm a big boy, It's my life and I can do what I want"

After years of not being tempted to abuse cocaine even in the company of friends that are regular users, he is now doing so. With the addition of alcohol.

My life has been in turmoil for seven months and its heart breaking for me.

I share my problems with a few close friends but I feel so isolated. Family do not know.

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