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Any one with a coke problem?

I have just bought a book called .. i want to change my life, how to beat anxiety , depression and addiction.. this is all what im going through. I just got it today. And its had great reviews.. it has 1 month addiction plan.. prevention plan.. and helps a great deal with addiction. I recommend it.

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Good luck with it Danman. I hope the book helps.

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I really wish you all the best, its clear how much you want this.. praying for you mate

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Thanks very much.. j just had my mum on the phone upset about it all. Its not good at all what it does for your family

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Hannah am going through cocaine use. Not had it for 14 days. Ask me anything or talk about anything u want.

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Hi Hannah/Dan,

My husband is the person doing cocaine and drinking, it started with just the drink, he had a bad divorce and was lonely so started drinking socially.

I met him and noticed the drinking, but I was naive and never actually thought it was a problem I just thought he was being selfish. I soon learnt there was an issue there.

He went to the doctors and admitted there was an issue, the drinking stopped and he was doing it every other week but would binge so much and couldnt stop, no matter what I said, the drink causes him such bad mental health issues the next day its sooo bad.

Lately, he does cocaine with the drink, its like hes got a stimulant addiction.

he is going to support groups, but he still relapses every 3 ish week and its been cocaine not alcohol which really worries me.

He only has a problem when it suits him, if i mention addiction/alcoholic he get so annoyed at me, but I think it is an addiction, even if its once a month. If you cant say no to something, its an addiction, right?

I spend so much time googling, trying to understand if he has a real problem or not, I am worried as i am still young and want to settle down but this is a huge risk, reading some of these stories terrifies me.

what are your stories? this is causing me such bad anxiety, we were perfect... drugs/alcohol is coming between us and i dont think he realises the severity of the situation.

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Hi hannah, well my story is a bit simular.. 10 years ago.. i use go out and i started having coke even tho i never said i would. Then i stopped going out and the habbit or addiction stayed with me.and im ashamed to say i was doing it on my own in the once.. it wasnt every day or every weekend. Once a month. May be once every 2 or 3 week. But this new year was the last straw for my gf. I will lose her and my kids

So ive not had out since. And im doing everything possible to stop. Even if you do it once a month it is an addiction! From what i have learned.. you need to you tube louise clarke crack/cocaine.. shes an expert in it all and you will learn a lot from her and how to stop.. there is part 1 2 and 3 videos on it. I tend to relapse on 3rd and 4th week. So u and him need to be prepared and try and stop it before. Its called emotion relapse.. he could cause an argument out of thin air not knowing it, but its his brain wanting it, and then thinks fuk it, am going getting smashed. Its like a battle in your head , a little devil and a angel. Saying get it! Dont get it! I hate the stuff and when its wearing off i feel suicidal, sometimes i cry as well on my own. Quite sad really and ive got everything i want. Good job. House. Partner. Kids. So i more determined to quit now. Ive learned a lot of things how to. And ive bought 4 books this week lol to keep me busy. Ive never read books ever! And ive bought chinese herbs for the cravings

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Soryy not hanna .. hi georgia.. thats for georgia that message

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