: Drugs, alcohol and mental health

Discuss the twin challenges of mental health and substance use

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He is not addicted so stop it! I’m on it every day nearly that’s addiction.

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Listen mate. Watch louise clarke on crack cocaine on you tube. Shes an expert and helps people with addictions. U can have coke once a month and be an addict. You are an addict if u do. Just coz u have it everyday dnt mean some 1 who had it once every 2 week aint. I have it once a week sometimes once a month for 8 year. If that aint an addict what is. Ive finally admitted i am.and getting help

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You are wrong, speak to any addiction counsellor/professional - if the use continues EVEN if its monthly, weekly or whatever, despite knowing it is causing or exacerbating physical or psychological problems it is an ADDICTION as you cant not do it, even if its ruining your life. You dont have to be doing it daily to be classed as an addict, there are all different types.

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Think there are a tick box of so many questions.

Have you told yourself you will stop but won’t?

Is it causing problems in your relationship or at work?

Do you use more than you did when you started?

Do you use alone?

Do you have to use all that you buy? You can’t keep any leftover.

Have you been in trouble with the police through your usage?

Are you experiencing financial trouble?

etc etc, my husband started off only having a few but nearly all of the questions he can tick now. That’s why he had trouble accepting he was an addict, he thought an addict used everyday or used more like heroin or crack!

My husband only tried it once at a football match in his 30’s he was practically teetotal before that. He only used to use alone when we were in bed as he wasn’t a drinker.

My husband uses coke without alcohol, but then has to have alcohol to stop the anxiety caused from sniffing too much, otherwise he will be up all night. My husband uses day and night sometimes when he uses, not every day, at his worse it was 4 times a week and then his personality was awful!

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