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Fiancée of 4 year is addicted to coke

All my family now know as he got high at mums birthday dinner party at Hogmanay so they have told me to leave him . We have a 15 month baby . When not on it he’s a great Person and love him so much I have never agreed with drugs but most people do for laugh at weekends the thing is he doesn’t go out anywhere it’s in house when kids go to bed he takes that much he passes out that I don’t understand I am ready for leaving as it’s takes all my energy and hurting me so

Bad the effects . He has went to 4 meetings from new year is there any way I can help support him b4 I decide to walk ?

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Michelle ive been doing the exact same as your bf.. im ashamed to say ive done it when the kids have been in bed. My gf goes mad. Its every time i have a drink i have to get coke.. basically its been goin on for year.. once a month ill have it or once every couple of weeks. I got help then didnt have it for 3 month. Then got pissed back on it again.. but this new year my gf has had enough i either sort myself out or i get kicked out. So.ive not had it this year.. ive done myself a prevention plan.. ive bought a book.. i want to change my life, stress and addiction... its a great book and helping me a lot.. i lock my phone away at the weekends. I admitted it all to my mum and asked her for help.. and...

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And i have hated the stuff for years when its wearing off i feel depressed and suicidal. I hate the stuff! But when i have a drink., i get it.. so ive had to stop drinking. My mum new i had it xmas day and i was ashamed of myself. My family dont deserve this. I dont have it in the week or every week.. but ive read its still an addiction.. if u want this sorting... 1st step.. your bf needs to admit he has a problem and he has to want to quit! Then there is so much help.. he needs to quit alcohol.. does he have a drink in the house when he gets it?? He needs weigh up on a piece of paper the good points of having coke and the bad.. and believe me theres more bad than good..

Coke is so easy to get hold of and he needs cut off the people he deals with who have it. If u need any links i can send u some for quitting it..

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Hi Michelle,

Thanks for posting. This must be hard for you, trying to support your partner and keep yourself and your children safe. I wonder if you have any support to help you through what is a difficult time.

I work for a charity called The Icarus Trust that helps people like you that are dealing with a family member's addiction. We have trained and experienced people you could talk with that might help you to make decisions about the way forward and they would tell you what other help is out there.

You can contact us on help@icarustrust.org or visit the website www.icarustrust.org

I hope that this helps.

Good luck.

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He’s has told me he has a problem and wants to stop and goes to meetings . I just don’t get how

Talking at a meeting can stop

Him when can take it when with our beautiful wee boy . it’s been going on for years tho b4 I was even with him . His ex left same reason . His sitter always covers for him for some weird reason she had to pay £1000 one night when people where after him .

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He usually has a drink first but o think he’s done without drink too as he’s not really a big drinker more of a binger. Last try hope he gets off it and we can have a happy life????

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