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My husband drinking taken over our life it constant stress he’s drinking vodka all the time I am finding empty bottles everywhere and he’s says they have been there years am paranoid. I seen him go to his car boot drink straight out the bottle vodka and come in a deny it . It’s totally ruined our life .

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I feel for you the lies are the worst makes you constantly question yourself and by the way you not mad xx

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I really feel so sorry for you.. he needs help, until he seeks help and admits the problem things will spiral out of control. I am going through the same sort of thing, addiciton is so hard to deal with when youre the person thats meant to be 'supporting' the addict... its mentally draining and it does make you so paranoid and it does ruin relationships. I am so worried I will end up married like you and it will get worse.

Sending love and hugs to you x

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