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Teary Mum

Hey ????

I’m a mum of a 23 year old son who has ADHD/Tourette’s (severe) and possible Bi Polar and depression.

Outwardly, he is the life and soul of the party the funny, personable boy that everyone loves etc.

However, he hates his Tourette’s, which has led to him ‘self medicating ‘ with coke.

He says he doesn’t want to stop because it’s the only time he is happy? Now does it every time he goes out, that and alcohol - but everything to the excess.

We won’t throw him out because of his various conditions and he would end up in a homeless unit full of fellow drug users.

But I can’t believe that there is no help out there for him/us?

We even tried to get him sectioned because he tried to kill himself last month but they said he wasn’t ‘bad enough’!!!!!?

replying to Tourettesmum

I have a problem with my husband taking coke and drinking too much. Like you say everything to excess.

He hasn't any medical problems though only the ones he's creating himself.

But every one around him when he goes out takes it. They are all the life and soul of the party whilst they're on it.

It's a shame that you have had no support when he tried to kill himself.

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