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How is everyones partner/fam members doing?

How is everyone partners and family members doing with there addiction.

Are they still using? How many weeks clean are they? Are they struggling?

Im 6 week clean today. And it only gets better. I feel facking great today! Im enjoying reading my stephen king book.

You ask any of my mates if i read books?? They will laugh at you and say dont be daft!

It only gets better stopping!

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Six weeks, that's brilliant. I'm glad you are feeling good with it too, like you said it can only get better.

Update. Husband has not left the marital home yet. I don't know when 'next week' is up after the 'conversation' last Thursday. Obviously it's not that uncomfortable as he said it was living here and not loving me anymore. He went out last night for a 'mates' birthday and returned two hours later as he said he would. No drink or any added extras. It doesn't make things better for me now though as I'm getting more anxious him being here, waiting for him to throw another wobbly. In fact I don't think I'm bothered anymore whether he sniffs or not. Has he pushed me to my limit? I don't know.

Keep up the book reading. I'm a reader myself. :)

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Well it looks like you have seen sence and u will be better in the long run.

Have you any recommendations for a book? No romantic novels tho plz lol

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My ex managed two weeks, as far as I'm aware, off the coke. The signs he had taken something were clearly visible yesterday. I'm annoyed to be honest as I've been there for him. It's not the fact that he has used again, it's his attitude. He is trying to pretend he is OK with not using, he has no money, he's going to counselling blah blah. I'm aware he spends a lot of time on his own so I suggested a walk yesterday. My daughter was with us and she was pleased to see him and hoping to spend the afternoon with him. He is a great guy when he's not taking anything and in a positive frame of mind. Anyway I said to him on the quiet that I was concerned and what had he taken. Honestly, it was like a teenage strop..he stomped off and it was silent treatment with my poor daughter like a mediator. On the quiet she said is he in one of his moods...There and then I thought let's get away from as soon as possible. He looked a state...like a zombie. To be honest I didn't want to be seen with him. I got back home and felt relief to feel back to normality. We were meant to be going to dinner around his so I had to explain to my daughter why we wouldn't be going. Then as usual, the messages started. No admission, no apology just a load of denial and shifting responsibility. He was doing this for me but would go on without my support...he meant coming off drugs ...total bull. Then I got the if I loved him as much as I said I wouldn't be so cold...then the implied I must be up to something because I was active online. I've learnt to ignore it all and I've blocked him from everything now. My best friend who he'd contacted a week ago to say how sorry he was and how much he loved me and my daughter was sat next to me. I showed her the messages now received. She was shocked by the contrast. Jekyll and Hyde. I bought into the dream he could change. I think it was my dream more than his to be fair. I now feel free of it all. The misery sucks the life out of your soul. I'm not putting my daughter through any more awkward moments either. I don't think he will change his life until he hits rock bottom. He always finds someone to give him money and food. I tried to intervene with his family but they are still enabling him and not one of them has checked on our wellbeing. I'm seriously expecting the only contact I will hear from them is to tell me he is dead. Writing this has helped me get it all out. I wish it could have been a happy post but ally this is the reality. I suppose the message is don't put up with too much crap. We all have our cut off point. It's the first morning I've woke up and thought about what I want to achieve rather than I wonder how he is. I do wish him well and hope he beats this on his own.

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my BF is 4 weeks now - the counselling seems to be working, he usually relapses every 2 weeks ish. Its odd as i have been getting anxiety waiting for him to f*ck up but he hasnt and it feels good, although, I wont hold my breath. Only takes 1 of his idiot mates to bump into him and offer it though but i need to have some faith and I am staying positive.

Dan 6 weeks!!!!!!! thats amazing........ literally, you're smashing it. I am really glad youre in a better place now and seeing the good side to giving up. Literally cocaine is the worst. I bet your GF is so happy.... inside she must be really proud of you and SO relieved, done it for your kids. Not worth losing them.

Erm I could suggest some books but they are a bit girly hahaha i have read loads in the past, depends what youre into - what you reading at the mo?

I absolutely LOVE reading, its an escape, it makes me forget anything sh*t thats going on in life temporarily, i love getting lost in books..

replying to Popples

Do you know what you have made the best decision in the long run. You have to think of your girl. He obviosuly doesnt want to quit. And it sounds like hes just trying to make you feel sorry for him. Least you have a bright future now with no baggage lol

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He will have more will power to say no to his mates the longer hes off it. But if hes pissed am not to sure.

And thanks i really appreciate it :) and tbh she doesnt say anything. Not 1 your doing well or anything.. we had an argument the other day and she started calling me for being on this site and that pocket rehab one. Its typical of her tho.

But i have never been so excited in my life than reading now! I wake up at 4am sat morns. And come down to read haha. Im on my 3rd book.. its stephen kings revival. Its great!! When pay day comes next monday im ordering some more books, but various ones. I know it sounds stupid but i want to write my own story. Not my own but a fiction one. But im dreadfull at english, and big words so im searching what certain ones mean and educating my self at the same time, and i feel great.

Its like a new chapter in my life. Lol so im going to buy a laptop soon, and may be start with a short story 1st.

What books do you recommend, if its 50 shades hahha no thanks lol.

But some women write good murder stories.

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Thanks Danman.He doesn't want to quit enough and yes big time manipulation going on. I felt sorry for my daughter...not him. Felt much lighter today. Great to hear you're doing so well and that you're enjoying a good read. In fact you've inspired me to get into reading again. Thank goodness you've found the strength to keep fighting this.

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Heh great to hear about the writing. Have you checked locally for writing groups or courses at the college?I think it's great your writing on here supporting everyone with your experience...I'm sorry your girlfriend can't see what good your doing on here. You might find a good reading group where the group reads and reviews a book.

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Tbh popples ive no time for college. I wish i went when i was younger. I work for the bank on night shifts. So i get up at 3pm.. mygf goes work at 5pm till 9 pm.. plus she works in the day. So im just watching the kids all the time.

And doing this reading is helping me a lot. I think im better off starting in my house for now haha.

I keep looking at.. say.. stephen king how he writes and im thinking... ive no chance haha its really hard. I dont know how to start paragraphs. Ive an idea.. and when to write symbols for convos..

But im going to read more 1st. And buy various books.

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