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replying to Louise1974

He got caught in the crossfire doing a favour for a friend. Still awaiting trial. Glad you have stopped the drinking, you need to keep yourself well.

replying to Louise1974

Hi Louise, I think you have already made the first move by deciding you don't want to be with your bf anymore. Remember you have nothing to be ashamed off so try not to worry about what people think. You need to start living your own life. Get back into going to the gym. Have you got any work friends/family who you can go out with? You talk about your dad not understanding. My mum is 81 and she knows all about my son and his drug addiction. She may not understand it all but she is a good listener. She also cuts every article she finds in the newspaper about drugs out for me to read - this can get a bit OTT but she thinks she is being helpful! You get yourself out there and start living your own life.

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replying to Hox

Hi Hox, you need to stop thinking that this is all part of your fault as it isn't and you shouldn't be ashamed at all. Why shouldn't you go to the gym? So what if people know you and your husband. You might find they won't say anything. If they do just fob them off and say you haven't seen him for a while. Have you got any work friends you could got out with? You really need to start getting yourself out there and living your own life x

replying to Danman83

Thanks NaNs I appreciate your response. You’re right what you say you never fully appreciate the problems people go through until it’s on your doorstep. You sound like you’re very strong and you should remember that, don’t worry about what other people think that’s a slippery slope and hard to get off- The only thing that matters is what you think and what you think is the best thing to do - and I’m sure you know what that is, Lou x

replying to Louise1974

Sorry lou ive been off for a couple of days i wasnt being ignorant. Bad news if hes living with a dealer. I couldnt think of anything worse!

At this moment in time me giving advice after lapsing after 2 month, just feels wrong lol but im all for it. As i feel like i dont want that stuff again. Are you in your house on your own. If you are try and take some hobbie up so to keep your mind off it. But the gym is perfect from today. Sort a 1month programme out for your self. A good diet.. if u want to gain weight or lose. Set your self a goal! And stick to it. Go gym fri night.. instead of drinking. How come you no one to talk to?

replying to DNAnon

You are right I need to go out and start living my life. I have accepted an invitation from a few old school friends who want to catch up, They have probably heard the gossip and want it from the horses mouth, but I don't mind. It is a step in the right direction as I didn't make excuses.

replying to Danman83

One relapse - do not be so hard on yourself. You have recognised your triggers, that's amazing. Honestly sounds like you have come further than you realise. Keep going and please don't be too hard on yourself.

replying to Danman83

Thanks dfh.. ive not even thought about the stuff all weekend. Ive been decorating keeping busy. If my gf didnt blag me to ho out last week. Id be 9 week. But im not going tp dwell on it.. thanks

replying to Danman83

No probs danman83 - no doubt I'm going to be around for the foreseeable so if u need an ear just shout.

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