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How are you doing gerogia? Hows your bf doing? X

replying to Danman83

Hope you got your card Hox.

replying to Danman83

since he started his addiction/anxiety counselling on the 4th Jan, he hasn't relapsed since. This has been the longest hes gone without turning to drink/drugs.

I need to work on trusting him again, but it is hard when it was a continuous thing and ive been hurt a lot from it - when he goes out where people will be drinking or taking drugs it sends me into panic mode.

Apparently his counsellor said in future he may be able to go back to social drinking but i dont agree, the thought makes me nervous - what are your thoughts? he was self medicating through drinking/drugs when he had an anxiety episode.

I dont know if it would be wise, it must be hard that he cant ever drink again - the main reason being it makes him seriously mentally ill the days after - even suicidal.. drink and drugs are just poison to the brain, i know this now.

We go on holiday in 3 weeks, so thats going to be awkward.. no drinking, its weird, i feel like i cant drink - i dont mind, i would rather not if it helps him but its frustrating.

he completely removed all connections with that type of thing, any friends etc that were influencing it they are gone.

How are you Dan? strange that youre having these dreams - i feel like you dream about what you're fearful of sometimes, its definitely true..

I think youre going to be ok, main thing is, avoid drinking - i think it lets barriers down and you go into the 'dont give a shit mode'.

are you still reading? do you have any recommendations? i am looking for some books to take away.

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I’m struggling still Dan. Didn’t even make it thru the week. Do u fact swapping numbers somehow so maybe we can speak to each other? It might boost our willpower?

replying to Danman83

Yes but they delete the nums off here quik so here it is. [NUMBER REMOVED] just give us a text

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