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I feel frustrated.....

I have started a new relationship about 6 months ago, only to find out that he is a prescription drug user or even more that I don’t know about, it’s mainly all coming to light recently with his behaviour and being around him more, he is not working at the moment and I’m working full time he often ask me for money which I tend to give him and I running him around places he need to go. He has massive withdrawal symptoms so I’ve even took him to his drug supplier and waited in the car why he did what he needed to do. But these are the things you do when u actually fall in love with someone.

Think today 28/2/19 is the final straw when he received his dole money and I went to work and when I called home for my lunch he has gone and disappeared so I guess I won’t see him now until his dole money runs out and comes back saying his sorry and he wants help and asks me not to give up on him and starts with the guilt up on me !!!

Because this is a fairly new relationship for me and I don’t know how to cope with his behaviours and I’ve not told anybody about his addiction I have nobody to talk too x

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I’ll talk to you, don’t think you’re alone because there are so many people in our situation it’s horrible I know, but you need support and talking about it helps. My advice is talk about stuff. It does help. I love an addict and I’ve drove him to pick up his fix too and it makes me feel ashamed and like I’m encouraging his addiction but he’s so persistent and persuasive I give in in the end but I know it’s the wrong thing to do deep down. I’m sorry you feel alone it’s a lonely and horrible feeling but message me anytime you want to x Lou x

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Mine was fourteen years in when my husband chose to have cocaine problem. I fell for my husband straight away so even if it was six months in I'd still be as heartbroken as I am today.

We can only help when they admit they have an addiction and help themselves by putting their whole heart into getting off the drugs. But we are easily lied to and can be manipulated by those we love and care for. It's on tap in our neck of the woods.

You are definitely not alone and here's the place you can write what you feel and be understood.

Keep safe and well.

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Thank you Louise for your reply, I really appreciate it and it very frustrating having nobody to talk to about things, my partner did end up coming home and saying he was sorry and he gonna sort things out, but I feel he is full of false promises and I always end up forgiving him until it all happens again ....

Janette x

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I’m so greatful for sites like this because I feel so alone with my partners addiction and none of our family and friends know about things, so I don’t have anybody to talk to about his fanatic behaviours .

I got a call from him yesterday at work saying there is a woman at the door saying I’m having an affair with her husband, I couldn’t believe that he would do that to me while I’m trying to earn a living and a roof over our head ....


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Most of my family and friends know nothing of our situation. It's lonely.

The call he made to you at work you didn't deserve trying to keep you both afloat. Do you think he's diverting onto you. The drama of you supposedly having an affair will make you think about this and not his drug taking and spending all his dole. They can lie and manipulate.

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Well today post ;

Found him using drugs in the bathroom last night, telling me he was sorry and he going to get clean, I went out to work this morning and I nipped home on my lunch and he nowhere to be seen, when I get home from work at 8 tonight after doing a 12 hour shift, I know he will ring me asking me to pick him up from his drug den, don’t know weather I can keep this up with him ....

I can’t concentrate at work with constantly worrying about him !!!!!! ????

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Read my recent post and give it to him (if it’s relevant). I’ve never done this before. Don’t hate him and don’t leave him. He needs you now more than ever.

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Hi, I'm in exactly the same boat. I have someone who is addicted to crack cocaine and was addicted to heroin. Can't say they got clean from heroin as it keeps resurfacing. I have stood by for 14 years. Nothing has changed,maybe only the lies or that they don't go off for days on end. They are unreliable with money and dont have any responsibility. I left once but that didnt help. Cant twll you to stay or leave but know that it will and does become part of your life if you do stay. You become addicted to the chaos if that makes sense, addicted to helping them. It's hard and horrible but make sure you look after you. Have you a friend you can confide in?

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Thank you for your reply x I do have a friend I talk too but all they say is to leave him and I could do mikes better, which doesn’t help me at all x

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