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replying to Janette132

Well he came out of the doctors and told me the doctor told him he couldn’t help ....

which I know is a lie .

So we didn’t speak for the rest of the day and he didn’t use coz he stayed in the same room ask me,

This morning he is cold turkey and it’s breaking my heart to see , so wish me luck for the rest of today coz I guess he not gonna stick around, I keeping to my promise and not gonna give in and give him money for his drugs so I’m gonna have a day from hell x


replying to Janette132

The doctors can help - he couldnt have been honest with the GP then.

Google local addiction meetings and CA meetings.

Stay strong do not give him money - he really needs other support as well though i cant see him doing this alone if hes getting 'cold turkey' symptoms he must be in pretty deep, let us know how it goes.

bless your heart - really feel for you. xx

replying to Janette132

Thankyou Georgia for your support, I’ll keep you updated, I seriously don’t think I’m gonna handle all this with him but he told me if I don’t stick around he would be a lot worse and he can’t do this alone x

He wont seek any other help x

replying to Janette132

Omg I’ve come out and left him in bed cold turkey and come to seek some help myself from my nearest drug group, he will go mad if he knew where I am but I can’t handle all this alone and I can’t just leave him to get help alone ....

I hope I’m doing the right thing !!!!

At the moment I’m sat in the cafe thinking is this good thing I’m doing, my hands are shaking thinking I’m about to disclose his drug addict x

I’m on the verge of crying and I’m not even in to see anybody yet x

replying to Janette132

He really needs to be the one to go to these groups - he needs to get help, this early into your relationship it should be healthy and happy.

I know the feeling its the absolute worst thing, the thing is, you leaving him so early on, day 1 of his withdrawal i think he may relapse, I would personally be there at home with him but if you feel youre needing help i am not sure what to suggest.

His mental health is going to be pretty bad at the min, so he'll need all the support he can get. I am shocked hes not got any help from the doctors if i am honest.

let us know what happens xx

replying to Janette132

Well he is at my place and he lives about 30 miles away and he has no money and I have is bank card which is 0 balance anyway x so I was thinking he can’t go anywhere anyway x

replying to Janette132

Well it’s bin 29 hours since he last used x

Omg he in my arms like a baby ....

I’ve cried and I’ve got not tears left x but he is holding in here x god help me what tomorrow will bring x fingers crossed he holds out x I do love him so much x god give me strength x please I need your help

replying to Janette132

Well it’s day two of him being drug free 72 hours and what a night !!!!!

He is proper rattling this morning but he still got his mind set that he doing this ....

Well fingers crossed that he keeps it up x I’m working a night shift tonight so I’m hoping he sleeps while I’m in work x x

replying to Janette132

Hi Janette,

I'm sorry to read your post and can understand how difficult things are for you with your partner's drug habit. It is a lonely place to be especially if you can't talk to your family.

This site is great as you can speak to others on line who are in the same boat.

If you would like some more support for yourself, the charity I work for would be able to offer you help. We are called The Icarus Trust and, if you contact us, you could be assigned to one of our trained and experienced people. They would understand what you are dealing with and provide you with support as well as letting you know what other help there might be local to you.

You can contact us on help@icarustrust.org or visit the website www.icarustrust.org

I hope that you get some support and things work out for you.

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