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replying to Janette132

Goodmorning Georgia

Well he not used since Thursday!!!!!

Bin a rollercoaster but looking positive up too now but don’t wanna jinx anything coz it’s still early days x

But I told him if he still using and I ever find out any different, we are over so he told me he can’t afford to lose me x x

replying to Janette132

Thats good news. I bet, I know the feeling. Its hell.

This week will probably be so hard for him - keep his access to cash, like bank cards etc so he cant buy it behind your back.

The thing is, you saying that to him wont make no difference, I was naive and thought the threats would deter him from using, but the sad truth is the addiction is just too strong and no matter what is on the line whether it be wife/gf/kids/job/house that comes before - its confusing and sad to think of it that way but its the truth.

People can also 'tick' drugs these days, so he wont need money to get hold of it. I would buy some drug testing kits from amazon then youll know if hes been using or not.

Its all just a living nightmare isnt it? atleast youve found out now and not 10 yrs down the line like some people on this site.

Stay positive though - dont be naive, stay strong.

I wish him well, really i do, it is a disease after all - he didnt choose to be an addict but he does need to stop now before it spirals.

Have a good monday love xx

replying to Janette132

Thanks Georgia for all your kind and positive words to me it means a lot honest it really does x

Well he is 47 years old and has absolutely nothing because of drugs in his life and now met me, who is a working class woman with my own house and car and to be truthful he would be stupid not to even try to give them up and I’ve he would go back using he knows he would be on the streets or in some Druggies den and have nothing but drugs in his life because everybody would really disown him x

Plus he has no job and now I’ve took his bank card so he has no access to any money only by asking me.

Sometimes I ask god to myself why do I deserve all this in my live when all I wanted was to met a good guy and have a nice life !!!!

Anyway x fingers crossed things will get better from now on x I’ll keep you updated x I’m still smiling dispite the rough rite x thanks again x

replying to Janette132

Hi Janette,

What drugs is he withdrawing from ? What day is he on now ? I myself am currently withdrawing from codeine I’m on day 10 clean and starting to feel better I have my wife who is a rock just like yourself, cold turkey is very dangerous especially if he is coming off heroin but if he’s a good few days in now he’s probably over the worst of the physical stuff it will be the mental side now, the depression etc as his brain isn’t able to produce the happy chemicals that the drugs made it do and won’t be able to for a while yet, trust me I know I’m at this stage now. Hope he and you are doing okay and keep us posted and I’ll offer any advice I can

replying to Janette132

Hi x

Well he is only on day 5 and he was a heroin user and Tramadol, wow it’s painful to type them out loud but a relief too x yesterday and today he looks and sounds really miserable but I try and keep him positive and what a difference he looks even only on day 5.

When we use to go out or even to town together he use be pumping with sweat even if it was freezing outside to the point it was rolling down his face it was so embarrassing coz you could see people looking x but today we went out and not a bit of sweat appeared, yey.....

and I have pointed that out to him too x

Just pray that he has the will power to stay off the devastating drug x

replying to Janette132

Wow he’s done great to get on day 5. All he and you have to think is it always gets better and then there will be a point where he feels better than before he started using ! He’ll also be healthier and look better basically everything is a plus. You’ve done really well to stick by him well done

replying to Janette132

Any other woman would of run a million miles away honestly specially when we’ve only bin together 8 months x

But I have fell in love with him and I have to be cruel to be kind x I did tell him that I’ve never bin around people using drugs before and I can’t handle seeing him destroying his life and at 47 he never gonna get anywhere in life only he be dead if he carried on the way he was using x

Now he found me and someone that truely loves the bones of him, it was now or never really x x

Plus the 5 days he not bin using has been hell x from him hallucinating to him throwing up everywhere and crying like a baby but ..... I’m sticking by him and I’m not giving up on him but I’ve told him I’m not prepared to go though this again with him once and once only x

replying to Janette132

Evening x

Well to my amazement everything going well....

He still not used and I’m so proved of him coz I can’t even imagine how hard it must be cold turkey on his own without any help apart from me.

He told me today that he has never had an ultimatum before and being 47 and bin a regular drug user that he truely fell in love and wanting me was far better option then me using drugs.

I told him today that one of his drug friends tried to contact me though Facebook to get to him and he told me to block him coz I’m done with all my drug friends, I don’t want anything to do with them anymore .....

I’m so happy at the moment, I just don’t want the bubble to burst x

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