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My cocaine use has spiralled completely out of control. Now doing 20+ grams a week

replying to Bobby

Hi Bobby. How are you feeling?

Only me here at the moment and the 'wife' of a cocaine 'user,

replying to Bobby

Wow.. 20 g is a lot mate.. ive had it once in the last 9 week. I lapsed last week..

Your obvioulsy addicted to it. And it will only get worse.. watch some videos on louise clarke on crack cocaine part 123. On you tube. Shes an expert on it. And u will learn alot and she helps you to quit.

What i do to stop is.. cut all your mates of to do with coke! Block there nums, block everything, delete facebook any other app to message mates n dealers.. avoid alcohol.. this makes u want it.. avoid triggers spots.. like say asda car park.. if u picked coke up there. Dont go past there. Stuff like that. Theres an app called pocket rehab, download it. Its for addicts that talk to each other.. it helps so much!

And if your selling it. You will never stop. Till ilu stop selling it

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