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I think I’m an addict and I need help

I’ve been taking cocaine for quite some time. Not huge amounts , half a g to a full g here and there mainly on nights out. Recreational use only. But more recently I’ve been doing it most weekends again not huge amounts but still it’s becoming a habit. I don’t feel I can go out without it and I hate the person it turns me into when I’m on it! I think I need help I’m very worried about myself

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By chance I joined on here again this morning actually as someone who's partner is an addict.

I have some personal experience of what you are going through, I turned to cocaine to cope with another's addiction.

I ended up like you doing it all the time after I thought I had it under control.

What I found worked was to remind myself of all the bad parts like no sleep, the cost and the sleepless nights. I distracted myself at the point I craved. It's hard but I did it. Not sure if this helps you but couldn't read and not post.

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Thankyou. I’m going to try that. I’m 100% committed to knocking it on the head before it gets out of control. I’m not expecting it to be easy but I know I’ll do it. In the week I’m fine it’s the weekends when the craving becomes an issue

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Exactly same as I was. It was ridiculous. I started looking at it as paying money to feel crap essentially. I do still have times where I think about it but I try and skip to the rough bits. I think - I actually need a full nights sleep so I it's not a possibility anyway. Keep in mind blocked nose, feeling crap and wasted money. Spend the money on something worthwhile, it helps to treat yourself in a different way. It was hard but I persevered as like you I was ready to stop. Cravings last 5 minutes max. Get busy until it passes. Honestly you can do it.

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Aright mate..ive got a coke problem. I was 2 month clean till last week. But im back to not having it this week. I was having it in the house on my own after my nights out had stopped.

I hate the stuff and im doing my best to stop. A few facts tho here mate.. if you have had coke for 6 month, weather its once a month for 6 month. Your adddicted to it! It sends you suicidal! Depressed all on come downs. You tube louise clarke crack-cocaine part 1 2 3. Shes an expert and you will learn alot about the stuff and how to stop.

My trigger for getting it, its alcohol.. so i cant drink anymore.

If you want to quit.. you have to want to quit.. delete every ones nums out your phone to do with coke. Change your routine around. Dont go out with coke heads at night.

And gods honest truth.. its only get worse. You do need help.. as you know it your self.

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