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Anxiety and Panic Attacks after Codeine Withdrawal

Hi, I'm new here. I've just completed a medically-supervised detox programme to get off codeine. I was taking huge amounts (up to 30-40 tablets a day) and had been taking them on and off for about ten years. It was only fairly recently that I started taking large amounts - to start with, I only took the prescribed dose from my doctor.

I've managed to successfully quit and although the physical withdrawal symptoms were unpleasant, I got through it, with the help of Subutex. However, the mental withdrawal symptoms are nothing short of horrific and don't seem to be going away. Severe depression, severe anxiety, panic attacks, feeling frightened nearly all the time and a feeling of impending doom that I can't seem to control. Is this normal? Has anyone else been in this situation before? I can't help thinking that I felt better when I was on codeine, but I couldn't continue taking such huge amounts of it. I just want to feel better psychologically and I don't know how long these horrible side-effects will last.

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It’s early days, it will be hard but it’s worth it - really, what’s the alternative to stay on massive doses that will ultimately screw your health up? The side effects will only last a couple of weeks at most, the rest is fighting associations with the drug and psychological dependence but with support ( you carnt do this on your own definitely) you will get there your probably stronger than you think lou x

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Hi I’m also currently trying to cut down I’m down to 3 tablets a day as of 2 dats ago but had to take an extra one tonight as I felt extreme panicky and Ill and noticed my pupils would not get any smaller when I shone a light on them does this get better? Because I literally feel as if I’m going to die hope your ok x

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Hi katie18.

How is your progress now if you don’t mind me asking.

I stopped taking Codeine 30 days ago the first 10 days with depression and anxiety was the worse.then i think I am getting back to been normal then I’ll all of a sudden have an anxiety/panic attack this has happened about 4 times now I was just hoping it finally goes away and with you starting this on March I was hoping after 4 months it’s better for you.and if I have a couple of beers for the next day or two I seem to get anxiety and a panic attack

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