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I have just found out my son has a cocaine habit. He is due to get married next year but fiancé has thrown him out and he’s back at home. Only reason we found out was his dealers were after him for serious money which I had to borrow. How can I help him? I’m totally lost and heartbroken

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You can't.. the only person that can help him is himself.

He needs to fully take charge and go to the GP and beg for help - my partner did, he got help and they will try send him to support groups therapy etc. x

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Hi tara.. georgia is right. He has to want to stop and then go from there. Sit him down have a reasonable talk with him.. no shouting or getting angry with him.. as this can put pressure on him as an excuse to use. Make him aware of it. And also maybe you should watch louise clarke on you tube her crack cocaine part123 videos, are very helpful and then you will know what you are dealing with. Ive had it once in 3 month and im doing my best to quit it and im doing good so far. Just ask if you need any advice.

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Went with him to gp, his nose is undamaged and he has to go for an ecg. He opened up more to doctor and it was quite a positive appointment . He has started writing down his thoughts which we will talk about at end of day. He has also started a plan of how he wants to go forward . I know it’s very early days but how does things sound so far? Thanks for listening

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Ye its good, it sounds like he wants to quit.

If his mates all do it. He really needs new mates or only see them when they are not using.

It sends you suicidal and depressed, so hes better off it. I wish i never started it.

He needs look up.. emotional, mental and physical relapse

This will help him to cope with cravings and things that trigger wanting to get coke.

Id also keep checking on him, making sure your there for him.

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