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so I left ????

This weekend it got to bad . he got violent and his words where unreal so I took a bag of clothes for me and my kids pulled them out of school and left. in a matter of 2 hours I decided to leave and just left , I've gone as homeless and tbh I'm heartbroken but this is what I need to do.

A non molestation order is already in place .

I miss the man I fell in love with but hes gone as scary as it may be it's time to let him be who he wants and make sure my children dont end up like him .

Time to focus on myself and the kids rather than getting prepared for each come down

It can only get better X

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Hi Hun, sorry I’ve read some of your previous posts. I too am married to a cocaine addict who’s currently in recovery but I feel for you. I know how awful they can be. I think you’ve done the right thing. No one deserves to be treated the way you have, I know it’s terribly hard but do your best to look after yourself. I’ve recently joined al-anon as there isn’t many drug support groups for families in my area but they are all the same, working the 12 steps. It’s nice to meet others who are going through the same as you. I’m sure your journey with your partner won’t just end here, unfortunately with addicts we have to ride the storm of their ups and downs. Whilst he was vile last weekend I’m sure he will soon have periods of being normal/nice, this is when you may be tempted to go back. You just don’t want it to keep being repeated over and over again. This is the situation I have found myself in.

Keep strong (you’ve got this!)

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bless you - thats so hard.

I think if he isnt willing to get help this is best for you, he will lie and try and manipulate when he comes down and back to reality.

you dont deserve to be treated this way and its best you and your kids are out of this.

it will become better, every day as time goes by.

I promise this x

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I'm sorry to hear that you have been forced into doing this. It is heartbreaking. Keep safe and like you say focus on yourself and your children for a while. It's your time now. Stay strong.

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I’m so sorry to hear you got to leave your home with your children.

I’m living with a addict but luckily I don’t have any children to consider.

He not bin violent with me up to now but he threatened me not to leave him and what the consequences will be if I ever did .

I’m just hope and praying things will change for me x

I wish you all the luck in the world for you and your children x

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