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Please help!!

I have been a cocaine user for about 3 years,I want to stop for good.I have read all advice,so I'll explain more.I am 40, married 13yrs,3 children and we are under social services (not due to my drug abuse,my eldest has mental health problems) my wife can be very controling,paranoid and verbal abusive.I have been to ADS and other association but they didn't help.people say you should not be on own but no matter who I'm with it can still get hold off it.jens they are trying to weening me off but I think it's not helping so my only other option is to go cold turkey on my own.I am an avid camper and know some stunning places so I thought a couple off days there to prepare for the mental challenge to come.my question is would be a better way to do it if other ways I don't think will work

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Go to doctors and explain all this - my partner did and hes getting addiction counselling etc and its working

good luck

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I have already been through that it did help for a while but I did cut down but now it's worse.I try speaking to my wife but she thinks she knows best.I have cut down but if I'm stressed or tired she goes out and gets me some which I think is not be the best way to do it.I want off for good but having such easy access to it doesn't help that's why I was just going to go away for a couple off days on my own to sort my head out

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She goes out and gets you the cocaine? when you say easy access - you need to remove everything to do with it, all your contacts, any friends who do it, any social media - your wife needs to support you and not buy it for you - to me thats ridiculous but i dont fully know your situation.

I really feel for you - how much are you using? do you tend to use evenings only?

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I'm taking a gram a day at first it was only evening but now it's all day. And my life if full off stress but it's not something I can just walk away from(kids) my eldest has mental issues and very naughty at 15 you might understand how the family is. I'm not a bad dad I do 90% offor running the family and I also have epilepsy

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Hi red..ive got a coke problem ive had a relapse the other week after 2 month.. but im back on the clean again.. so ive had it once since new years eve. Ill tell you how ive controlled it or stopped and hope it helps...

First i stopped because the coming down off coke sends me depressed and suicidal. And with me having kids aint good at all.

I was having it in the house on my own! Only once a week, may be once eveey couple of week..

First of all.. you have to want quit.. 100 percent u need to not want it.

You have to delete all dealers, mates who take coke, numbers out your phone. Delete facebook! All social apps!..

Take up some hobbies.. i have took up reading and i never read. Which helped.

Take the kids out more. Dont take any alcohol what so ever! As this triggers it.

And watch louise clarke on you tube on crack cocaine part 123. She helps a great deal..

Also there is an app called pocket rehab.. down load that if u want. Its a bit like fb but with addiccts and ex addicts all helping each other. And if u feel like using, you can press an emergency button and it puts you through another addict and they help you to not do it. I cant recommend it enough!

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Thank you so much for your advice I will let you know how things are going

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And yes I am 100% for stopping but I feel that being on my own for a couple off days camping in a picturesque area I know very well and I go camping there 3/4 times a year if I'm away from temptation I will have a better mental plan for when I go bk. But that is what I have thought about doing.

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Thats perfect to get away and plan. Good luck

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Hi I don't know where to start, I do it to wipe out life's problems. I have no kids and no partner and I do it at home on my own. Momentarily it makes life feel as though it's going to get better

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