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replying to Red

Hi mums ,dads husbands,etc I came on here tonight to see how you were all doing ? Some good news and some not so good ..well mine is never good and I feel it never will be .sorry .my son has now been kicked out of the hostel because he cant abide by rules he needed to be back by midnight give or take a bit .couldn't do it ,needed to keep £3 do do his washing again couldn't do neither could he keep hold of a key or engage with agencies or his benefits or probation. 30 year old and I cannot see any end to this disastrous lifestyle..

replying to Red

That's the worst part you think it helps but when you wake up your problems and stress are still there

replying to Red

But the stress is still there in the morning,so what do you do have a line I do but it's the worse thing you can do look at danman83 reply to me that's good advice.and if you seriously want to stop you need to be 100% to stop.it will be hard but forums like this help

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