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I hate myself for relapsing

I started taking Cocaine about a year and a half ago at first it was just weekends, then week days and soon before I realised I was taking it most days. I stopped taking it and was so proud of myself as hadn’t touched it for 3 weeks so was 3weeks clean..I was feeling better in myself, and felt like I had gained control of my life back and but then I went out one night and stupidly I relapsed and took some and I am so disappointed and angry in myself, I had got so far and now I have just ruined it. I feel so sad and so low about it.

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replying to Loz

Loz - dont beat yourself up about it, youre bound to relapse at some point, its a normal part of recovery. Get back on track - I would personally avoid going out and drinking. Detach yourself from anyone/anywhere that potentially could cause you to relapse.

You went 3 weeks without it which is amazing.. you can do this, go to the doctors and get some help and go to support groups thatll help.

Get a hobby, read, go to the gym - avoid social situations where coke is likely to be present - just until you feel you have control.

Good luck x

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Thank you - I’ve started the gym up again and I’m getting back on track so thank you for your kind words they really helped x

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No worries - let us know how you get on!

replying to Loz

Hey loz. Hope your ok.. my problem is with coke as well.. im doing my best to stop. I lapsed after 2 month clean the other week. But im back not taking it again..

What are you doing to stop it?

My main trigger is alcohol. The minute im drinking..im getting it dropped off asap.

Watch louise clarke on you tube about crack n cocaine. She will help you and make u aware how to deal with cravings. Shes great

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