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I play ice hockey, started using speed 3 years ago to power up my game, and give me more guts when I get into fights on the ice, which is fairly often.

Introduced my woman to the same drug 2 years ago, and she has been using it for Roller Derby.

This year she has gotten issues with it, after she lost confidence when badly trashed by another skater during a bout--can't skate without it, gets into binges on it when she's not skating, and gets real aggressive with anybody that crosses her even slightly. Also had bad comedowns--so likely to stoke up again.

Have cut back my own use, but haven't got my girlfriend to do the same--says it's still just too big a buzz! Anyone got any bright ideas for me and her?

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Stick to your own reduction, the appeal will be lost if she's on her own with it I guess. Never really seen the appeal with speed or come across anyone who does it this much to be able to help. It's def destructive on the body that's for sure. Sorry I can't add any more help

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