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Hi I'm new here. I need help with my codeine addiction.. Cocodomol.. I'm scared to go to the doctors due to being judged or classed as a bad parent.. I suffer with mental Health which I do take medication for and I'm worried my health is going to be very bad or even die with the mix of medication. Any advice with out judgement will be greatly appreciated.

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Co codamol is not a good - the paracetamol alone will kill you. Please Google a drug outreach charity near you. Where are you based roughly? GPS tend to be less helpful but only you know if they are equipped to give the right help. You are doing the right thing by seeking help.

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And it certainly does not mean you are a bad parent or person. X

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Thanku dfh.. I'm too worried to go to my gp incase they contact social services etc.. I stil keep a clean home take and take good care my children but I know I'm at a point that I just cnt keep taking it.. I did once come. Off it I went cold turkey and it was an awful experience I was very poorly.. I promised myself I would never go bk on them.. Yet here I am back on them not for pain but to make me feel and cope with life I guess.. I jus tdnt want to rely on cocodomol anymore.. I already have anxiety and depression so this cn the helping me in the long run. Xx

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First of all, social services will not take your kids away. Especially when you are seeking help. Google drug dependency charity/care providers. That's your first step.

Codeine is addictive because the liver turns it into morphine. That's why you got sick going cold turkey. You need help to come off it comfortably and safely.

In Lancashire there is a drug advisory called Inspire - they have key workers and doctors who specialise in this and can help massively. They will not contact social services. As long as you engage and stick with getting help it will be fine.

My husband was addicted to opiates, then addicted to codeine which replaced opiates. There was never any concern for our kids because he was being treated. That's the most important bit. You won't be judged. I'm more worried about the paracetamol to be honest, you risk having a build-up overdose more than anything. You need to find a drug dependency service asap. If you need any more advice just ask and I will try my best. X

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Thanku for talking and giving me advice it means so much to me as I dnt talk to any one bout this.. I guess I'm very ashamed.. I'm definitely at the point where I know I cnt continue especially being on a high dose of anti depressant aswel. That is a relief that social services wouldn't be contacted as my children are my world and the thought of them being taken away scares me so much and stops me from. Seeking professional help.. I know the paracetamol is very dangerous and can do alot of harm.. My main reason to get the help as I want to be around for my children. Its just so scary and i cnt believe iv got myself back on them again knowing the pain and discomfort I wen through last time.. If I get I touch with inspire do they keep it all confidential do u know? I hope ur husband is stil doing well.. U seem. Like a very supportive person aswel as very caring.. Xx

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I'm glad I can help just by listening to you. I have been through so many addictions with my husband, he is still battling everyday but he has some control back. He is still on a programme for opiate addiction and he is currently trying to keep on top of a cocaine addiction hence why I'm on here.

Yes inspire do keep everything confidential. From what I've experienced from my husband's interactions with them the don't judge and are there for the long haul. My husband relapsed a few times and each time they were there to get him back on track and never judged him. They are aware we have 3 children and have never involved anyone else. I guess they see that he is actively seeking help plus they have contact with him regularly so they know all is well. Honestly it's the best thing to do. Our gp wasn't helpful at all, he just told us to split up basically. Not helpful at all!

Are u in Lancashire?

Please don't feel ashamed, lots of people get/have addictions and lots of people get through it. Everyone is different. I'm sure you are a fantastic parent and I can tell you love your children more than life. You are seeking help so you can ensure you are there for them to see them grow. You will get there. Let me know how you get on, I will keep checking in to make sure you are ok :) xx

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