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Day 18 cold turkey from codeine and starting to feel like myself

Just thought I’d put up a post for anyone who’d like to comment or discuss their opiate withdrawal/addiction.

As the title says I’m currently on day 18 and starting to feel more like my normal self. I won’t lie it has been fairly difficult but just so people know there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The early physical withdrawals are the easiest part believe it or not as it’s nothing compared to the lack of motivation and energy you feel thru out so basically a mild depression. In the first week I thought I’d never get better I couldn’t do anything at all, I couldn’t tend to my 2 children, I couldn’t do any housework, I couldn’t do my job properly, I basically couldn’t get off the settee to do anything and I just thought this sad no motivation low mood was never gunna end but it does guys ! For the last few days I’ve been slowly getting better, I can tend to my kids I can do the housework altho it does tire me out and my thoughts are much happier now i can see myself slowly becoming my normal self again.

Don’t get me wrong it is only day 18 and I’m still not sleeping 100% and I do still lack motivation but compared to 1 week ago I am so much better and so could you be.

All the best guys and I hope this post helps just 1 person battle thru.

I visit this forum daily so I will reply to anyone that wants to chat or swap stories or ask questions etc.


replying to Dadict

Well done keep going and remember take each day at a time I watched my brother go throu addiction and rehab the person he become was an amazing thing to watch keep going : ))

replying to Dadict

Hi Mary, thank you

I’m approaching 4 weeks on Friday and already feeling 100% better than day 18. I’m glad your brother came out the other side it is certainly worth the weeks of hell as for the rest of our lives we are better and healthier people :)

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