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Day 18 cold turkey from codeine and starting to feel like myself

Just thought I’d put up a post for anyone who’d like to comment or discuss their opiate withdrawal/addiction.

As the title says I’m currently on day 18 and starting to feel more like my normal self. I won’t lie it has been fairly difficult but just so people know there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The early physical withdrawals are the easiest part believe it or not as it’s nothing compared to the lack of motivation and energy you feel thru out so basically a mild depression. In the first week I thought I’d never get better I couldn’t do anything at all, I couldn’t tend to my 2 children, I couldn’t do any housework, I couldn’t do my job properly, I basically couldn’t get off the settee to do anything and I just thought this sad no motivation low mood was never gunna end but it does guys ! For the last few days I’ve been slowly getting better, I can tend to my kids I can do the housework altho it does tire me out and my thoughts are much happier now i can see myself slowly becoming my normal self again.

Don’t get me wrong it is only day 18 and I’m still not sleeping 100% and I do still lack motivation but compared to 1 week ago I am so much better and so could you be.

All the best guys and I hope this post helps just 1 person battle thru.

I visit this forum daily so I will reply to anyone that wants to chat or swap stories or ask questions etc.


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Well done keep going and remember take each day at a time I watched my brother go throu addiction and rehab the person he become was an amazing thing to watch keep going : ))

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Hi Mary, thank you

I’m approaching 4 weeks on Friday and already feeling 100% better than day 18. I’m glad your brother came out the other side it is certainly worth the weeks of hell as for the rest of our lives we are better and healthier people :)

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I Have been a slave to Opiates now for many years, I've quit and relapsed so many times now over the last decade that I've lost count, a very emotional issue that occured in my life nearly 3 years ago now, got me back onto this drug. I was taking 480mg codeine a day, and on top of that towards the end I was taking the 480mg codeine plus 300mg dihydrocodeine a day.This was costing me upwards of £500 per month, and my usage has started showing signs in my job as a medical professional. They've noticed how tired and pale I always look, and are now concerned about my wellbeing. I fobbed it off as for the last 2 years I've been working 2 jobs and it's just the tiredness etc.

I have however seen this as a sign that i need to sort this out because I've been taking it for so long now I've been spending all my spare time in bed, i no longer see my son, and I've blocked all contact with all my family, and just spend all day taking these pills, before long if I don't do something I'm gunna end up on heroin and to that is somewhere I dont want to be.

I've tried to taper down I think. On day 4 now and I'm down to just 240mg codeine a day but I feel I'm tapering too fast as I feel absolutely awful, shivering, burning up and with absoloutely no energy or motivation to do anything. I've still got 2 jobs to work, and don't feel like I can pull thru it. I've also started taking an anti depressant, a week in now too, and I do take slow release multi vits, and 1000mg vit c slow release supplement. I'm not really sure if they are helping. I'm just waiting on the terrible loose bowels to pop there head through the door as I know from previous quit attempts this is to be expected.

I'm determined to quit again but just wanted to tell my story, and believe me when you are past the worst of it you will feel like you are full of life and energy. Unfortunately as with my story I last lasted 5 weeks b4 relapsing and as mentioned this is mostly to do with a break up with my partner , they felt like the longest 5 weeks of my life, but with help and support you can surpass that and go on to live a much improved life. I've waffled on a bit here but it's probably because i don't really feel like there is any1 else to talk to about this atm. But best of luck to all those that are trying to rid themselves of this horrible drug and to better there lives.

Those interested in tapering plans my Dr once told me that a 30mg decrease per week is best, and ofc drinking plenty of water to.stay hydrated etc.

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Hi Wine

Best of luck with your tapering the best thing I ever did was stop using codeine. I’m not about 20 months clean about 3 stone heavier, a better husband, father, work colleague and all round better human. I’d say from my experience of cold turkey it took me about 6 weeks to feel 95% right. I too tried anti depressants buy didn’t finish the course, personally I thought they made things worse. Keep us updated !

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Thanx for the reply, as luck would have it, I got down to 120mg a day, and I came down with the dreaded covid 19. Because of that I decided to stick at that amount until I overcome the disease. I still have bad cough and chesty lungs, but I am pleased to say that as of today I am almost 4 days completely clean.

It's been a rollercoaster of a month and the last few days have been hard, I've been so tempted to just take one more bump, for old times sake etc etc. But I'm strong minded and determine d this time to not fall victim to the drug anymore. Mentally I'm feeling a bit more positive, still lethargic, and still a little upset in the stomach dept.but that could just be remnants of the Covid 19 virus still in my system. Either way, 4 days and counting,

and getting stronger and healthier every day, wish me luck.

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Oh and as for the anti depressants, I too haven't finished the course, I know they do help, but I want my body to be completely clean of all drugs, so I decided to take the longer route. I will no doubtedly take a lot longer to heal, as I think the mental part is going to be more difficult than the physical. But in terms of being completely non-drug reliant, this I believe to be the best course of action for myself. Every 1 is different tho. I hope that one day I too can make it to 20 months, and I hope to spend or try and spend a lot more time and money on my 2 kids, instead of drugs.

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Well done!!! Keep going!!!

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I'm on day 8 after 20 years of codeine , I took 30g/ 500everssant with fizzy water about 15 times a day ... prescribed from doctor ... you can buy 8g/500 in UK so I dropped to them for 2 weeks then stopped they 2 weeks were torture , I'm 8 days without any but so tired no motivation ... how long it last ?

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Hi what you wrote gives me hope thank you & glad your doing so well.

Iv been weaning my self of for five months now & I still feel really bad like you said unmotivated & drained of Enagey. But I’m taking 80% less now & every hour of every day I still want more but I’m staying strong & resisting. Do you have any advise on how to stop completely? I just can’t seem to get there.

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