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Thank you dadict, im feeling a lot healthier today , sunshine is the best mood stabiliser . I will continue to go out with kids and enjoy them . Dopomine is possibly stabilising now i think as my mind a bit clearer . I will never take several opiate painkillers again i hope .. my bust pelvis is ok without any . C

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Hi everyone, So I have a strange one, basically i'm in the military and when I went out on tour my back went on me. So MRI scan, I found out that I ruptured a disc due to rapid weight loss in a foriegn country along with the heat, running and doing the job I was given.

So rehab course for movement to get back at it blah,blah. Anyway, for the pain I was given naproxen, that messed my inside up and ended up with fissure and piles to which after 2 and a half years are now finally sorted recently (had proceedure 5 weeks ago). After the naproxen I was given codeine and it took the pain away. Made it painful to go toilet because of the dosage but it was better than the back pain I had. So been taking it on and off for over 3 years here and there when i've had a back problems or bad abdomen pain (all perscribed constantly by a military doctor).

So I believe my body has become addicted to it, without me realising mentally in the slightest. I just thought i've been feeling like crap all the time and depressed when i've not had pain because i'm still stuck in a rutt and couldn't work out due to my fissures getting worse when I exercised.

I've recently been reading and all the symptoms add up to codeine addiction on the body. Now it's strange, I think i've been that mentally aware to how addictive the drug is, i've never gotten mentally addicted to it. In fact I can't stand it, I don't like the feeling of it and never really have done. So i'm in it at sqaure one because I took some recently because i thought i wonder if its the codeine, if i take some now and feel better tomorrow then I know its that and I can knock it on the head.

Highest I've gone, which to be honest isn't as much as you guys/ladies at 30/500mg in with paracetamol 12 times a day for about 2-4 weeks (3 years ago at peak back pain). I had recently been thinking I always feel like crap and looked online because I had a thought that codeine is addictive for a reason, so I wonder if my body is having withdrawal symptoms on the drug. I will keep people updated on my cold turkey as of today if people ask :-) and if and when this damn depression and anxiety dies out.

I don't feel I can perform my job to a high standard that I should be doing even though i'm been told my work (non physical at the moment) is brilliant. I just don't want to leave the accommodation or even interact with my partner or much to the kids, which I love to bits but I can't bring myself around to be a good dad at the moment.

I'm just constantly thinking about myself not sleeping and how bad I feel all the time. Having no mental addiction to it but a phsyical addiction i'm finding very strange to deal with. But I find it easy not to take them now I have my mind set that its them causing all this negativity in and around my life. The side effects are very real on the body though.

Anyway, heres to day one and thanks for reading my story, apologise for the length.

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Well I was doing quite well in coming off codeine around 2 months ago then i relapsed. Im now on day 6 of second attempt of being off codeine and the withdrawl seems to be worse than the first.

Chronic headache. Lack of energy. Extreme tiredness. Nightmares and restless nights, fear when waking up in the morning, fear of the day ahead, aches and pains in joints, like a crazy heat feeling inside lower stomach and into back, anxiety through the roof. Im so annoyed with myself that im having to do this again. I feel so desperate and lost and cant face the day. I managed to get out yesterday on bicycle and keep positive but last night my blood pressure went through the roof and i think i was having a panic attack.

Im assuming that im going to have these physical symptoms for a couple of weeks, can anybody reassure me that this is all normal. I had been doing cocodomol 30mg on and off for her a year, prescribed for nerve pain. I think im going to have a long haul getting off this devil drug. Thanks all.

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Hi fluffycat. I registered here to ask for reassurance too as I'm 13 days off and in bed wondering when it'll all end. I stopped benzos 64 days ago and codeine 13. Currently in bed with aches and pains and no will to get anything done.

One thing I can personally recommend - especially considering your high blood pressure/panic is propranolol. I was put on it a couple of weeks ago and it's been an absolute godsend for anxiety. When it comes to the physical manifestations of panic (shortness of breath, racing heart etc) it's been amazing.

Suffering from anxiety and then going through withdrawals on top of that really messed me up - i kept briefly losing sight in one eye, had a psychogenic seizure, stopped breathing etc. Propranolol has taken that all away.

If you're in a position to contact your GP i really recommend it. It's not abusable or addictive, it's just a beta blocker, and it basically prevents adrenalin from being released into your bloodstream. It's really helped me manage panic.

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I’m coming of cocodamole Iv been on it for ten years. I’m still taking a third of what I used to take but like you I have lots of aches & pains witch are very concerneing. It is hard & I think a long proses but you’ll get there your doing better than me so your strong keep being strong. Good luck it’s hard to fined people who understand.

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You're strong too Danny, a third of what you used to take is a huge achievement, you should be really proud. Rome wasn't built in a day and you're making big progress. Remember to be kind to yourself, always.

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Hi, I’m glad i seen this post because i need some courage. Long story short i started with a codeine addiction when i was around 17 years old due to some bad things that happened in my life anyway i battled through it with the help of drug and alcohol service and took bupanorphine. A few years down the line i relapsed again and came off with help from the gp and came off really quick because i found out i was pregnant anyway i sailed through pregnancy and 10 months of breastfeeding without any cravings i think it was down to the fact that i knew i needed to protect my baby. Anyway the beginning of this year I’d had another baby 6 days before Christmas and it ended up a emergency c-section i was ok while i was in hospital for 4 days and then i got the Christmas day and boxing day rush out the way and then the pain hit so i started taking nurofen plus this was one of my issues i had before when the gp wouldn’t give me anything for pain I’d buy these... the first few weeks i stuck to 2 4 time a day then i escalated quickly to the point i was taking 6 at each time and could go through 32 a day it was costing me £10 a day so like £300 a month sometimes more because I’d buy them online and pay for next day delivery, we are getting married this coming august so I’ve been spending all my wedding fund too! I tried tapering with the gp but they only did 4 15mg codeine phosphate a day for a week then 3 then 2 weeks and well is wasn’t working i was withdrawing badly so i started buying more nurofen to top myself up. I’m on day 2 of going cold turkey and i had to tell my partner everything last night because i needed his support and to help with our children because the way i feel I can’t do much let alone get them all ready in the morning to take my eldest to school so he’s taken a few days off. My problem is that i have a physiological problem more than a addiction it always comes down to my mental health when my mental healths great I don’t even think about it then when my mental health gets bad it’s the my coping method. Lockdown hasn’t helped my mental health, then having a baby the day we went back into another lockdown so I’ve had no supporting network, my mums dying of cancer so I’m really struggling this time round and unsure how I’m going to cope. I’m trying to pretend to my children that I’m ok but they are noticing that I’m not because I’m not interacting with them like i did it was weird because it was like the codeine was giving me this massive burst of energy so i could get most things done. It’s just all a mess 😩. I don’t remember well how long it will take for the symptoms to die down can someone give me some sort of rough idea? Well done to all of you who’s completed it and done so well and the ones who haven’t got there yet hang in there! you are never alone

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Hey, im looking to get of co codamol 30/500. I started taking these 7 years ago when i had my son and damaged my back. My lower back disc is wearing away and suffer from chronic migraines. I only take 6 tablets a day im not sure if this is an addiction but i feel as im used to them it would be worrying to stop. My gp isnt helpful. Any suggestions?

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So glad to see this post is helping a lot of you guys out, keep strong this is going to be the hardest 4-6 weeks of your life but the best at the same time. I’m over 2 years sober now and doing great, best thing I ever done

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