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Hi, I’ve never done anything like this either..

I’m addicted to codeine, which took me a long time to admit. Even now I debate it with myself. I’ve dabbled in and out of NA but with COVID that’s been a no go.

I can go a really long time without it even months but I somehow always fall back into it. The only problem is, you can’t buy codeine over the counter. Only cocodamol and I know with the paracetamol it will eventually do some damage.

I can’t speak to anyone about it because the look of disappointment on their faces makes me want to do it even more!

I’m pleased to hear your feeling better.

It just seems like a never ending cycle

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Hi. I wonder how people are getting on here. I've been inadvertently been taking codeine for about 6 years regularly. Upto 360mg daily. I have only taken a week or so off by accident when I have been on holidays et and have felt awful. It didn't occur to me at first that it was due to the codeine. I've currently reduced to 60mg daily for last few days and had been tapering down. its is difficult.

I've been very impressed by people on here that have done cold turkey for weeks.

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I have been on Codeine now for about 5 years, recently at my worst taking Co-Codomal 25 x 30/500mg Paracetamol. I am now on day 4 clean, I thought I would be feeling worse than I am. Trying to stay positive eating well and drinking lots of water to flush the Toxins out. My Partner is having a baby in a couple of weeks, so it is a wake up call.

I know that is it for me now, relying on these stupid pills that are damaging our insides. We can all fight through this!

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Hi ,firstly - well done !! I have been addicted to codeine for about 7 -8 years .Managed to come off it once ( cold Turkey ) but only lasted 2 months .I have decided to try again ,this time for good .I have been taking massive amounts ,a month's worth would be gone within a week and then going different chemists to buy more . I can't live like this anymore . I have taken the last dose 24 hrs ago and withdrawals are bad already 😔 Unfortunately my mental health is not the best at the moment ,suffer depression and anxiety and am a bit worried that I won't make it this time . I have to though !! It's ruining my life . Just need someone to know what I'm going through as there are only 2 people in my life who know about it. I hope in few weeks time I'll be able to post similar message as you to people out there who struggle with addictions . These meds should not be prescribed this easily . All the best for you and everyone else who's trying to come off drugs xx

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Hi Maggie

I hear you and hope you’re doing well. Your mental health will improve once you’re clean from these tablets just bare that in mind and stay strong. Funnily enough I went to the chemist the other day for my daughter and caught a glimpse of the nurophen plus and it made me think that how I am now mentally is better than how I was then and that I never needed them to feel good etc and neither will you soon. Keep us updated I’m happy to chat back and forth.

Good luck

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Thank you for replying . Means a lot .the withdrawals are horrible ,my stomach is in bits and I have no energy to do anything . I think the first time I did cold Turkey felt easier ..I hope I can do it .I have booked whole week off work for this. You should be proud of yourself !!! I wish I could fast forward and wake up in a year's time .please keep everything crossed for me .

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I’d say 6 weeks roughly I know it seems a lifetime away but what’s 6 weeks compared to the rest of your life ? About 2 weeks for the physical withdrawals abs then at about 4 weeks the mental side of it gets easier too just don’t give in. Warm baths for the aches and pains and go for walks, the sunshine helps boost your kids too so you’re doing this at the best time. If you need advice on anything specific just ask away

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Hi Dadict

My name is Linda and I think I’m addicted to codeine . I took ill with a benign brain tumour in 2016 and had a full craniotomy in 2017 , since then they put me on 8/500 and I was taking 6 a day and neurofen plus at night for the pain 7 days a week , 52 weeks for the last 4 years . I had to have gamma knife surgery in October last year and when I came home I continued to take them as I was so unwell . In the last 6 months I have increased the strength to 15/500 which I continued to take as I was going through family trauma at the time and I just felt I needed something to relax my head , as I couldn’t take the pressure . Lately though I’ve been feeling really unwell and I’ve found out codeine can make headaches worse and I was convinced the tumour is still growing or something . I’ve been trying to wean of them now the past few days , due to a nurse telling me they can make headaches worse . I’m feeling really tired and my stomach is yuck and thinking off going cold turkey , would it get worse before it gets better . I really could do with a bit of advice , I just want it over and done with . Then when I go for my MRI scan I will no more . Thanks

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Hi Linda.

It will 100% get worse before it gets better but it is 100% worth the discomfort. The feeling from the tablets probably I imagine is making your anxiety towards the tumour worse aswell. It does get better it gets a whole lot better, I am living proof of that. I hope your MRI brings good news. I’m here if you need more advice. Good luck

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Hello ☺️ Today is 18th day for me 💪 Still have runny nose and restless legs sometimes but I feel sooo much better !! I feel happier 😊 i did it ! My brain is still learning how to cope without it but it's heavens better to what it was in the first week .I never want to see those pills again .Thank you for the support and good word xx

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