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Wooooo day 12!!! Amazing! You are almost at two weeks 👍🏻

Day 9 for me- legs feeling tons better, my temperature is still a little bit bothersome. Here’s hoping for it all to go away on day 10 😂

I messaged to join the WhatsApp, so i’m just waiting to hear back 👍🏻Xx

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You really have this now Mads! I am sure it will settle soon for you. My big thing is getting to day 18 as per the original poster and some of the others in this thread. Im sure it will be a turning point.

Then its the big challenge of staying off. Do you think you will have issues staying off them?

So pleased you are joining the WhatsApp group. Lovely bunch of people there who give tons of support !

Have a lovely day! Oh did you get a good nights kip?? xx

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My sleep wasn’t too bad - though, could definitely have been better, i’m super sleepy.

I think if I manage to get through these physical withdrawals, then I should be ok to stay away from them in future.

My issue is, i’m 9 days in, and still sweating and/or freezing. I’m back in bed, and should be in the process of moving house.

This was a really bad time to stop, but I honestly thought the physical withdrawals would be over far faster than this 😫

How are you, Casey? Did you sleep ok ?xx

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I was reading back my diary re previous quits. Symptoms have lasted up to 6 weeks before. Although they were less than initially, they can linger. Also some people get PAWS (post acute withdrawal syndrome) Not nice at all.

Now you are this far, it should be easier and hopefully functionable but these drugs are so nasty and they have real impact on the body. I am menopausal and while taking them, I had no symptoms or hot flushes which was a lovely by product. Now everything back with a vengeance. So they do affect hormone balance.

Try to be as kind to yourself as possible Mads. Once you are through, you will be so grateful and life will be better.

Slept much better thanks! Still some symptoms such as anxiety and depression but so much better than the suicidal feelings I had initially xx

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Glad you are feeling better, hopefully the mental side will ease up soon 🤞🏻

I’m tired and emotional today, but I need this temperature to clear off so I can go about my life! Definitely feeling a little bit sorry for myself today 🤕

I am cross with myself for not tapering off. I have a three week supply in my cupboard, laughing at me, for putting myself through this hardship. But last week I just snapped and thought I would ride out the storm (expecting to be poorly for about 5 days). Got a little better, then today and yesterday feel like i’ve gone backwards.

Bummer 😪xx

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You've not gone backwards ! Just the process and also the mental side will be nudging you to go back there. Don't give in to it. Tomorrow you might feel a whole lot better! Yesterday I cried ALL DAY! Felt my life was hopeless. This morning woke up and went for a 3 mile walk with my dog.

Keep plugging, different days different feelings. This drug is evil and it will try and lure you back. Please don't waste any more of your precious life on it xx

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Thanks Casey 😘

Gone backwards, in terms of feeling poorly. I haven’t taken any codeine just yet.

Day 9. Every day, i’ve been hoping to God to feel better by the next day, and the next and the next. Every day I was up and about driving my son to and from school, running errands. The last two days, i’ve been unable to do anything! Super weird.

But, I absolutely have to get up and about tomorrow, I have too much to do. If my sweats and chills haven’t subsided, I may have to rethink my current cold Turkey method.

Which will be a massive shame 🙁

Thanks for you support Casey 🙏🏻

Fingers crossed for lucky number 10 xxx

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I will keep everything crossed tomorrow is a better day.

In the meantime, if you can, have a bath or shower. If bath drop some Epsom salts in, they really helped me. xx

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I don’t know if anyone will see this but I have been stuck on codiene for around 8 years. It has got to the point where I have to take it daily and even a few hours after I’ve taken it I’m sweating and then shivering etc - I have multiple mental health problems and this is not helping me like I used to think it did. I figured as it lifted my mood temporarily that it was a good thing - so now I’m stuck taking stupid amounts of solphadine max and nurofen plus every day - I can’t afford it and I have basically become a hermit not wanting to go out or do anything. I do what’s needed for my kids and just about keep my partner happy by seeing him a few hours here and there but I just can’t do it anymore. I want to stop but I don’t see how as it just makes me so Ill when I try. I can’t taper as when I have tablets in the house I have to take them all. So cold turkey and mental health issues means I can’t function so I give in. I lost my mum and best friend in the last two years so I have no one to talk to and just at the end of my tether - I just feel so alone and really don’t know how long I can keep going doing this. I get pains in my right side after taking the tablets which worries me too. Anyway thanks for listening.

replying to Lcato

Ahhhh Lcato- don’t worry, we are here!

I’m having a bad day today myself so we are in this together!

I’m on day 9 of come Turkey - I had a bit of a nap and woke up a little better. It’s like Casey says, each day is different. I felt better early on in the W/D’s but have got worse the past two days.

With that in mind, I think if I were to do this again, I would definitely taper.

I understand you’ve said that’s not an issue -

Would it be possible to give the tablets to someone else to over see your dose? That way you have support by telling someone else, and an accountability to stay on track?

One of the best things for me is that i’ve told my boyfriend, my mum, my brother, my friends. I don’t see this as anything to be ashamed of frankly, we all started taking them for legitimate reasons! But that’s kept me on track, as I pride myself on being quite strong willed, so I don’t wanna let anyone down. My four year old is my main motivator. That boy is the reason I live and breathe, so I wanna be living and breathing until i’m an old lady-

I will help you all I can- you can do this! Whichever way you choose xx

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