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Still going strong after my lapse 5 week ago!

Really sorry if ive not replied to anyone. But ive drifted away from this site.. probably thinking im cured lol well i aint. Im lay in bed right now at 3am. Cant sleep. And when i do im having dreams every day of using. Its really bringing me down. But ive still not used since that one time.

So its once since new year :) .

Im not being ignorant if ive not replied to any one.. its just that there have been loads of new post, and im lost were i was lol

Hope every one is doing good? How is everyones partners? Or kids doing? Ive had to come off face book and instagram again.. its winding me up seeing everyone all happy on nights out lol.

Have a good weekend! Dan x

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Only just seen this. Hope you are feeling ok now. Will let you know tomorrow whether or not my son get's in touch. Don't let it get you down - stay strong x

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Hi Danman. Glad you are keeping off the stuff even with the dreams.

I can understand the drifting, I feel it gets a bit draining and I get quite teary with the posts. Like now.....We do need to start new posts as they do get quite long and go off kilter.

I don't go on fb or instagram now, like you say it winds you up seeing everyone happy when we are clearly not.

Have a good weekend whatever you do. As the decorating must now be finished.

replying to Danman83

Its just i get bored easily aswell.. ive stopped reading.. its hard to make time for it. When im on my own with the kids..

Ive done both kids bedrooms.. i just need to do.the stairs and landing. But im waiting after our hol in july. As we need spends and its all my 3 kids bdays in the space of a month. So its an expensive few month lol

replying to Hox

Hi Danman, well I suppose it was too much to expect a card or text actually on 'Mother's Day' from my son! Apparently last week his ex told him it was mother' day and he text me then and said he had a card. I knew in my heart that he hadn't got a card. What is v odd is that this morning I got a text off his ex wishing me happy Mother's Day. On Friday my husband managed to contact him and took him out for lunch. He didn't push him regards anything. Yesterday he took his son fishing. We are thinking that when he doesn't have the kids may be he goes on it then. I don't know anymore, so upset today. I found a card he sent me last year that I kept so I could remember what he once said. To be honest Danman, you may even know my son as we live in Bolton, although he is a couple of years younger than you.

Anyway hope you have spoken to your mum today. You keep up with the battle. I am sure eventually it is going to get easier and easier and the dreams are all part of the journey you have to go through to stay clean. So, you have almost done the decorating and got bored with the books. Have you got a garden to do some digging in? Or, my other son who is your age loves watching football, darts, horse racing etc on telly. He's even got his son, who is nearly 6, into watching football with him and even worse he supports BWFC!!

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replying to Hox

Hi Hox, how many weeks have I been on here and still can't get the replying to who bit right. Anyway you can read from my previous post that I have heard nothing from my son on Mother's Day!

How are you doing? I hope you have been getting yourself out and about. We live in a village too but not like a rural one. Most of my son's friends know about him and we have got good at being evasive. All you have to do is keep asking about them and what they are up to.

Hope you are ok xx

replying to DNAnon

We read them all anyway DNAnon, I didn't even notice till you said. Had to look twice.

Not good news you not getting your card. I had my fingers crossed.

I have not been out and about I feel uncomfortable. I have a few parties coming up so hopefully I will be ok by then.

I did think about gardening for Danman now he's fed up with reading stuff. Weathers getting better now.

replying to Danman83

The garden will be getting done soon as it get warmer lol. It just rains here in bolton :(

replying to Danman83

Keep it up Danman, it will get easier. My OH is trying to get back on the straight and narrow still. I guess I can say he is trying. When he last had a craving I mentioned something that stuck with him....I said that when I feel like setting fire to a bank note I'd let him know! Seems to have resonated with him. I also told him about that pocket rehab, absolute godsend thank you, you have no idea how much that's helped. He needed to feel like he had some sort of control over his use and this helped give him that. Just being able to talk to others who understand instead of me and my empty head helps! Haha! Are there a few of us from Bolton on here then?

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