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Please tell me what drug this is used for

My brother has told me his not on drugs and his is withdrawing from them. Everything in my heart told me it was a lie and then I found Something and I want to know what drug it is used for. My brother used to do heroin and smack and everything then he went to rehab and he was clean for 5 years. Then he started to date a older women who had children little did he know this woman had accused 7 other men of sexual assault and rape and none had been proven or disproven in court, so when he didn’t want to see her anymore she accused my brother of rape 5 years in prison my brother spend and because the 7 other men who she accused where never proven or disproven the jury were not allowed to hear about the 7 other men she has accused. The judges reason being it would be unfair to let the jury decided if she was unlucky those 7 times or not. My brother is not a rapist but spend 5 years in prison a innocent man and turned back to drugs after 5 years of being clean, drugs is everywhere in prison and the justice system was supposed to protect my brother and they let him down and destroyed his life. Now He is out of prison and very good at hiding the drugs. first it was progabalin then codeine now iv found tin foil with long Brown neat lines with a rounded up foil pipe I want to know what drug that is used for I’m hoping his not back of smack or heroine if you can tell me how to post a pic of it, I can so u can see better he will never tell me the truth I don’t get angry only when he lies I can’t help it I try so hard to love him and be nice but it’s hard when he is slowly self destructing and snapping at you for even asking if he has taken anything

So it’s tin foil with long brown/black neat lines with a rolled up tin foil pipe type thing looks like he burns it

I hope his not back on needles that would be a shock but I need to know so I can help

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Sorry to hear your brothers story that’s awful.

It sounds to me like he is smoking heroin but when the high isn’t good or fast enough he will move onto injecting again, I hope he gets the help he needs and I hope he lets you in so you can help.

replying to Dadict

Hi thank you for your reply ur right is it awful what happened to my brother bless him. Thank you I think your right I can’t see this foil being used to abuse his medication tablets like progabalin for epilepsy I think I ll confront him in a nice caring way and hopefully he will want help instead of hiding his drug use

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Hi Mary,

I'm sorry to hear you brother's story. It must be very hard for you too. I hope that your brother can get some help but, if you would like some help for yourself please contact us at The Icarus Trust. We are a charity that supports people dealing with a family member's addiction and we have specially trained people you could talk with if you get in touch. Hopefully this might help.

You can contact us on help@icarustrust.org or visit the website www.icarustrust.org

Good luck.

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